The Ebon Empire

Drums of five wars #16
The Woman of Blood, and the Barricades of Summer
Drums of five wars #15
Chasing Cranes

2 Glory, 1178: Morning

The Party set off for Abbraxio along with the king and his army. Renteva ibn Sere went with them. Al-vene had coerced a promise to protect her from the party. The group went to abbraxio with the king with the intent to prove that Argana was lying. but the king was not happy with them and refused to let them interrogate her.

7 Glory, 1178: Afternoon

The Masques arrived in Abbraxio and immediately set about finding some proof of her duplicity. First, going to Veroncia who told them that Carlo d’stella was in the city and had been an Ivory Crane, had been in contact with criminal elements, and had been spotted at The Velvet Lily

8 Glory, 1178: Morning

First, Surgat went to the Silver Marsh and spoke with Builder about carlo’s former actions. Builder gave him a list of likely locations. Surgat then headed to the velvet lily and spoke with Reya era Pir. Reya sent him to her coworker, who told him that he’d taken her to an abandoned Cavalry officer’s quarters (on the list of likely locations)

The masques went to the Cavalry officer’s quarter’s where they fought an evil presense. eventually overcoming it. They found, in the Officer’s room they found a crumpled note with “il, araldico 1900”, another item from the list. an abandoned prison. so they headed there.

8 Glory, 1178: Evening

The masque fought a group of bandits inside the prison, killing them all. Carlo never arrived.

8 Glory, 1178: Night

The party went to the last location on the list. An ancient sepulcher of the Ivory cranes. The group fought their way through the ghosts that guarded the back room. after descending the stairs, they found Carlo, bleary eyed and reeking of alcohol.

Drums of five wars #14
The Desert City

21 Hope, 1178: Evening

The party tried to give Khadae to the avalanche. She looked like she was going to take it, but at the last minute decided to wait for them to make the delivery at the end of the week with the day of revelations ceremony, Ravalan.

21 Hope through 30 Hope 1178

Surgat and Khadae plotted the death of a rival prophet of Al-vene, a prophet named Ziyad Ibn Idris.

Felurian met the Hookah salesman Sa’d and the mistress of camel, Salma. Trying to get more information on the town’s infrastructure and make a few contacts in Al Salayah

By the day of revelation, Surgat had found his target, and was moving to assassinate him when he was approached by The Prophet of Murs. The prophet spoke to him about the necessity of events to take their course, and he relented. much to Khadae’s dismay. Ziyad went to confront Al-vene She took Khadae from Surgat, and Allowed Ziyad to say his peace. then she instructed the crowd to kill him. they obliged.

The celebration started at sundown but was interrupted by the sound of horns.

An abbraxian army approached from the south, with elements of the Skythian and Erandian orders. It was lead by King Baldassar de Abbraxio himself. But he had a cabinet of Veroncia de Beneditti, Grand Marshal de Tomin, and Bertran Charrier. Veroncia asked felurian to attend a parley with the king in the morning

1 Glory, 1178: Morning

The following parley ended with the Al-vene accepting that her sister needed to be taken as a hostage to force peace. In addition the party learned that the Comtessa de Argana had gone to the king and blamed the Deshti for the assaults on Okurhan and Argana. and Jordan Rose had proclaimed this to be the truth.

Drums of five wars #13
Swords of Light and Shadow

19 Hope, 1178: Evening

The party Made the trip to Argana, approaching from the north, they snuck around the city and used the Spy Fly to scout out the Manor de Morgana. They found a likely location for the swords, and overheard some conversation between Argana and Carlo.

That night they set in motion a plan to cause a major distraction, with Felurian conjuring an image of the dragon they had slain in the desert. The party snatched up the swords and escaped into the night, with a running battle with the guards. Both Amat and Surgat picking off Argana’s soldiers as they gave chase.

Outside argana, Nazarad smashed the chest and retrieved his family’s sword from the chest. and Surgat picked up Khadae… which whispered to him “mine”…

Drums of five wars #12
The Avalanche

17 Hope, 1178: Morning

In the Morning they found Marteu digging in the desert. he claimed he wanted to save the world. The group convinced him to head north with them to find and slay the beast.

17 Hope, 1178: Evening

They found the cave that the beast came from, it was surrounded by the restless dead. They destroyed the dead and entered the cave. They fought a juvenile blue dragon in that cave and it almost slew them. But in the end it was destroyed. they searched the cavern and found vast riches. along with several powerful devan artifacts. They rested outside the cave for the night and continued on to Al-Salayah n the morning

18 Hope, 1178: Noon

The party arrived at Al-Salayah and met Al Andral ibn Domi. who volunteered to introduce the party to his leader, The Avalanche. After a tense meeting with the leader of a massive deshti warband, the party agreed to help Al-Vene retrieve a deshti weapon from Argana in exchange for support in what’s beginning to feel like an inevitable war…

Drums of five wars #11
Into the Barrens

16 Hope, 1178: Evening

The Party chose to head into the barrens to see if they could get to Argana and end the feud. After traveling for the day, they came upon a camp with Rama-ni, Ghali, and Zhalhla. They ahd stopped at an Oasis to recover after being attacked by a massive flying creature that had come from the north in the desert. Amat convinced the ratfolk to follow her, and in turn she volunteered to help them with the flying beast and to meet with The Avalanche at Al-Salayah

16 Hope, 1178: Night

Marteu the 3rd Son drank an ooze from the oasis. the group was then attacked by the ooze. they put it and its shell-covered friend down.

Drums of five wars #10
Return to home

11 Hope, 1178: Morning

Nazarad was slowly regaining the memories he had lost of the last few weeks, and felt something calling to him out in the desert. He decided to return to his home in Okurhan.

11 Hope, 1178: Evening

The group arrived at Nazarad’s ancestral home in the evening, he told the town to prepare for a fight. a few days until Carlo d’stella returns to claim the town. Unless the town fights for its freedom. Jordan Rose, the only hunter in the town helped train the able-bodied volunteers how to load, aim and fire the muskets and pistols that Surgat Pythius retrieved from Ribia. In addition, Amat volunteered to help protect the town

13 Hope, 1178: Night

Surgat had headed to Argana to see if he could assassinate The Comtessa he broke into her manor and killed a sleeping figure in her bed. It was not the comtessa.

15 Hope, 1178: Morning

The party set some traps in town, and waited for the arrival of Carlo and his mercenaries. The mercs waited until the afternoon and made their approach. they asked for the deed for the land, Nazarad refused and an hour-long assault followed.

The town and Amat’s pub lay in ruin and Nazarad handed it over to Jordan. along with a huge load of gold to help rebuild. But Amat decided to go with Nazarad, at least until the pub was rebuilt.

Drums of five wars #9
Kervus research part 2

10 Hope, 1178: Afternoon

The young man found the party in the second sub-basement while they attempted to decipher the devan script. He aided them, saying that he was the one who was supposed to be meeting Iracena in the bar but he’d been held up. He stated that he was an expert on devan technology and asked if they would let him accompany them. still grieving the loss of their comrade they acquiesced to his request.

The descent into the ruin was increasingly treacherous, first, a clockwork monstrosity attempted to destroy them for reaching the second sub-basement. then when they activated the temporal rift generator they accidentally called forth a chronalmental, which they had to destroy. eventually, they managed to activate the Chronal Rejuvenator on both Felurian Eld and Nazarad ero Okurhan. the only problem is… it erased their memories…

Drums of five wars #8
Kervus Research Facility

9 Hope, 1178: Afternoon

Surgat Pythius wandered into Ribia to meet his contact, a deshti woman named Nabila Al-Abdari. after an enjoying evening with her he received some intel on Isotta Donato’s employees. Surgat passed the intel to Felurian Eld who followed up interviewing some of the employees. Felurian came away with the impression that Isotta may have somehow survived, but that she was not necessarily a villain. She was however definitely working for Abramo against the king.

Meanwhile Nazarad ero Okurhan returned to his Berony to meet with Alessandra de Argana. instead he is met by some of her mercenaries, Carlo d’stella who threaten him and tell him he needs to sign some papers handing over control of his town to de Argana. He tells the mercenaries he will comply, but he needs some time and asks for 5 days. Nazurad then returned to Ribia.

10 Hope, 1178: Morning

In Ribia he met Iracena at the The Massive Belch Inn while waiting for Surgat and the others to awake. Iracena had been involved in a potential spying incident in his hometown a few years back. He had convinced his father to spare her but had forced her into exile. She was waiting for someone and seemed to be in some distress. Nazurad spoke with her and determined that she was heading into the desert near Okurhan to look for the Kervus Research Facility. Nazurad realized that they were both looking for the same thing and he offered to take her there.

10 Hope, 1178: Afternoon

The masque gathered supplies and headed to the Devan ruin. winding through a small canyon hidden behind a howling sandstorm, the group discovered the vast ruin. They were the first people to lay eyes on the facility in millennia, and oddly enough there was still artificial light illuminating the interior of the structure. They had to fight through several automatons and proceeded to the basement.

In the office the party was attacked by a mechanical hunstman and his clockwork hounds. The battle was short and nasty, and in the end Lucca Accora was slain. his body was laid in state upstairs.

a few minutes later, a young blonde man showed up.

Howl of the Banshee #12
The Queen of the Banshees

2 Mercy 1181

Rainn Sandulf is being interrogated in the basement of a house next to the burnt out shell of the slayer’s guild house. interrogated by the Inquisitor Theodosia Lawson, and her boss, Calavénsár Antúlien. Rainn tried to explain that he had nothing to do with the deaths and chaos ravaging Grimchill. The inquisitors were suspicious, but in the end, Cal decided to investigate further. focusing his investigation on the three men who had accused rainn of witchcraft.

those three men were found in the home of one of them. obviously dead and possessed by several angry spirits. Cal performed an exorcism and expelled the ghosts. But they refused to leave without a fight. After their defeat, the spirits told the hunters about Banshee queen’s involvement in the plot.

The hunters headed out into the moors surrounding grimchill at night, searching for the queen’s castle. eventually, they discovered it looking resplendent in the darkness. advancing inside the castle to the throne room where they met the queen’s court and battled her, with the throne room’s illusion failing slowly until only the ruins remained. With the Banshee Queen’s falls she told Cal that the demon Kathral created Dirgesinger and sent it out into the world to sow havoc and discord. So it would appear that Rainn was involved after all…


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