The Ebon Empire

Frostmarch #9

Blood on the Hills

24th Ancients, 1178

The party woke up the next day and took a boat down the Alfheim river. Where they met up with Hraugun and The Empress of Ghosts. They then sailed down to Sillshys to speak to Axilya and warn the town about the Jotunn rampage.

30th Ancients, 1178

The party took a few days to sail down the coast and get up the river. At the mouth of the river, the party dealt with a river spirit and slew a group of sahaugin. Later upriver the empress of ghosts was beached and ruined, but the party was attacked by giants. Including the deadlySeizan, of Last Wishes. They destroyed seizan and cleared the field.


Ranseur Ranseur

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