The Ebon Empire

Howl of the Banshee #1

Murders in Grimchill

12 Voices 1181

Early in the morning Rainn Sandulf, a Slayer and his partner, Ten-o Lota are awoken by an urgent request from their guild representative, Duncan Watt. Apparently there was a murder in Grimchill with evidence pointing towards monsters. The two slayers headed to the scene of the crime.

When they arrived they found a body so thoroughly mangled as to be unrecognizable. But with a ring marked “To JB, love CB” and some paperwork for a delivery to be picked up at the local messenger post. So the slayers went to the post to see if they could identify the recipient.

Upon arrival at the post, they met Ester Liggit, who would only allow the release of the name of the intended recipient of the two packages of they had a court order. So she sent two messengers Aenwulf and Ankor Gra with the slayers to the local judge. They were there to both give the name of the intended recipient, and deliver their respective packages after. So the group went to the local courthouse.

They arrived there to find that the local judge was indisposed but a temporary one Calavénsár Antúlien was accessible.Theodosia Lawson let them in to see the judge. Cal heard the evidence and granted the writ. So the group learned that the intended recipient was one Expedition Shipping Company. At that point a number of thugs lead by a cultist attacked the group. Almost all being killed, with the exception of a hired goon who stated that he was hired to take out a Judge by an old woman.

The group then headed to the expedition shipping company. Once there they were met by Battalion Goodman who told them the name of their victim, Jothan Bennet. He stated that the owner, Mercy Bradley is out but that she should be back later. He also told the group where jothan lives. And they headed to his house to tell his wife.

She didn’t take the news well. Telling them that he was acting strange after work and left around midnight. The group then deduced that Jothan was headed back to work. So the group went to get a warrant to break into the warehouse after hours to gather evidence of misdeeds with the shipping co. So they headed back to the judge’s chambers.

At the courthouse they found the judge acting strangely. Within moments it became clear why. A group of zealots was trying to coerce Cal. The slayers killed the zealots and were granted the warrant. One of the cultists was spotted by Rainn earlier working at the warehouse. This time Cal decided to go with them to serve the warrant.

They found the warehouse empty because it was after hours. So they broke in to search for evidence. A quick search and they turned up a hidden for that lead down to a basement. In the basement was a large number of boxes and a number of zombies. After destroying the zombies they discovered that mercy had been made into a zombie. The party also found a Dusk Cipher and a Hidden Ledger.


Ranseur Ranseur

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