The Ebon Empire

Howl of the Banshee #2

A trip through the woods

13 Voices 1181

Rainn and Ten-o headed to their guild house to drop off the ledger and cipher with their superiors and were given a few days off. Ankor did a few jobs and kept his ear to the ground for news about the Bloody Hand Gang. While Cal settled a few criminal trials. And sent out for information on the Bloody Hand Gang to assist Ankor.

16 Voices 1181

Cal’s information came in, which alerted him to the deaths of a Judge and a sheriff in Ashtonshire. In addition to the raid on Ashtonshire by the Bloody Hand Gang. So he hired Rainn and Ten-o to guard him, and a messenger to lead him to Ashtonshire. Ester sent Aenwulf, and Ankor decided to tag along due to the news about the gang violence.

So the party decided to head to ashtonshire through the Woods of Ghal. While traversing the woods the party was attacked by Vegepygmies. They destroyed the hunting group with minimal injuries. But after a few hours came upon the remains of a caravan with six bodies including the mangled corpse of a seven year old. Ankor insisted upon burying the child and so they did. After the burial, Cal performed a funeral rite to purify the area. The party continued on, eventually coming to an abandoned inn.

They decided to explore the inn and stay over night. They found it in dusty, but pretty clean condition. While exploring the basement they found some useable food, and while exploring the master bedroom they found a Elfs Head Diary. Cal read the diary, which was written by the owner, Sorry for sin Wallace. He mostly wrote about the inn, and his customers. After reading, eating and talking for a bit, most of the party retired upstairs to sleep with Ten-o taking first watch.

Around midnight, a horrible scream fills the air and Cal ran into the bedroom it came from. He found the woman’s dress from earlier soaked in blood around the abdomen. Ankor noticed that Cal’s shirt was soaked in blood around the neck. Wandering the inn they found other scenes of horror, the children’s clothes and gloves also soaked in blood. A painting missing the head of a man, a huge blood stain on the floor of the kitchen and a skeleton missing it’s head in the basement. All of these things emanating necromantic energy. Ten-o found mysterious hoof prints leaving the previously empty barn. The party decided to leave the barn, some feeling anger over what had transpired there.

17 Voices 1181

They walked through the night, following the prints towards Ashtonshire. At one point the fog became thick and the group could see blinking lights in the darkness. But eventually the fog got too thick to see, and then suddenly cleared out. And the prints were no longer visible.

After a few more miles the sun rose again and the group found themselves in the outskirts of ashtonshire. Most of the party went to the empty glory inn. But Cal went to try a few cases as a replacement for the judge that was murdered. After sleeping they went to explore the town and came upon the mayor Hezekiah Boyd. Trying to calm a large crowd that had gathered in front of the town hall. Hezekiah spoke to Cal about a new pair of murders in the old cemetery…


Ranseur Ranseur

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