The Ebon Empire

The Frostmarch #3

Victory and defeat

5th Glory, 1178

After defeatingLoryax, the party decided to rest up before continuing to Galvask and the Runehenge of victory.

6th Glory, 1178

Galvask was a ruin. Jotnar attacked in the night, destroying the town utterly. So the party headed to the rune henge. Which they found intact.

Having gotten what they wanted, the group headed back to Hvaleyrr via loryax’s boat to warn of possible attack. But it was too late, the town was destroyed, and there were bodies strewn about. But it looked like some escaped by boat.

The group took the boat to Gil.

7th Glory, 1178

A giant shark attacked the ship, only through the skill of the Viking Gregar Dovahkiin at sailing the ship were they able to keep the monster shark from sinking the ship. In the end, the shark was slain and it’s body eaten.

8th Glory, 1178

The group arrived in the capitol, and skuld jaded to a temple of aesa, to find that Talyana had escaped the destruction of hvaleyrr. She told the group of the valor of Hendrick the Razor during the escape. So Ærzus Asgeirrsson decided to visit at Thorgrima’s keep. The rest of the group wished to speak to Thorgrima herself.

The guard refused to allow a jotnarkunnr into the keep itself until Skuld name dropped her father. Upon speaking to Thorgrima they were told of an assassination attempt on her life the day before. She needed the culprit taken into custody before continuing on.

The band continues to the docks, where Talsalas pretended to be a jotnarkunnr looking for work. He spooked the contact, who proceeded to run. After a short chase Talsalas cornered him in a warehouse on the docks.

Aerzus was in the area and retrieved the rest of the heroes, who had only one option. Breach the warehouse. After a short melee with done jotnarkunnr thugs, they captured the traitor Regntreid Hahransson.

Returning him to the keep, they spoke with thorgrima again, and were given an hour to rest before being recalled to the throne room. She told them that Fjornjot, the bastard was indeed behind the attacks but he was making a play for power within the ordning of jarls.

Thorgrima asked the party to go to Skala fel to speak with the norns about these events. The request was punctuated by horrendous screaming coming from downstairs.

Downstairs the party found Rogvar Esteszh killing the guards. After a bloody fight, Rogvar’s murder spree finally came to an end.


Ranseur Ranseur

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