The Ebon Empire

The Frostmarch #6

Retrieve the Dead

23rd Glory, 1178

After the party awoke from their vision they were given some weapons by the The Norns of Skalafel. They then decided to return to Eyjafjoll to report their findings.

14th Ancients, 1178

Three weeks later they landed in Eyjafjoll and spoke with Thorgrima Ragnardottir. She took their report and slept on the information.

Skimi decided at this time to return to her own people to warn them of the impending invasion.

15th Ancients, 1178

During the night Balder Osmondson was visited by Eydana. She told him to go to the Helvegr and speak with the dead. A message was to be given to the party to help them with their quest. The party speaks to Thorgrima again and procure The Empress of Ghosts as transport to Mjosyndi she also sends them with the ship’s builder Hraugun

17th Ancients, 1178

Two days later the party arrived in Mjosyndi, and they were not given a warm welcome. the town was destitute and corrupted by the presence of foul beings. The party asked around and they were repeatedly rebuffed on the subject of the Helvegr. Eventually, they were directed to a witch named Draigh. After the party convinced her that they would retrieve the Mirror of the Returned for her from the Helsalr.

The party fought past the unhallowed dead, and spirits of the afterlife until they met a Giantess who spoke with them of the customs of the dead. She allowed them passage. At the gates of the Helsalr, the party met with Valra who would allow them one night amongst the hallowed dead in exchange for their participation in the great hunt. They obliged and slew Sæhrímnir and were permitted to join the dead for their nightly feast.

During the revel, they met with Torsten Thundertaker who showed them The rune of Return which he had crafted himself. He also gave them some weapons of great power and told them to gather the other races if they wish to survive the coming war.


Ranseur Ranseur

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