The Ebon Empire

The Frostmarch #7

Traps and webs

18th Ancients, 1178

The party awoke the morning after the great revel in the woods north of Mjosyndi. They return to the town to sail east along the coast on The Empress of Ghosts. While they left they saw Draigh watching them leave. She merely smiled at their departure.

20th Ancients, 1178

Two days later, they arrived at the mouth of the Malkith River, which was unseasonably low so they were forced to leave the ship and go by foot. late in the evening Talsalas found tracks from a large group of Jotnarkunnr residing in a cave in the region. They evaded the Jotnar but stumbled upon Ærnma who informed them that the Jotnarkunnr were dying from some wasting disease she may have unleashed by touching the Idol of Predation. She told them where she found the idol and set about retrieving some ingredients for the potential cure.

Heading to the Shrine of the web, they fought their way through the spider- guardians and figured out how to open the inner sanctum. Inside they fought Qeclueth and destroyed it. But were in turn attacked by Nakshayla and her pet troll, Hoodun She escaped the shrine with the Idol


Ranseur Ranseur

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