The Ebon Empire

The Frostmarch #8

Epic of the Skald

21st Ancients, 1178

The party awoke the next day and decided to head off towards Alfheimer. They had to maneuver through an enchanted forest filled with arcane defenses. After two days of marching they arrived at Alfheimer only to find a Dokkalfr army encamped at the gates. It did not appear that a fight was imminent, but both sides were clearly armed and wary of the other.

23rd Ancients, 1178

The group gained access to the city, and were taken to speak with Bel-Kadrur. He asked for some help with the Dokkalfr army and for proof about the supposed Jotunn mobilization. The party offered to undergo a zone of truth interrogation. And volunteered to speak with the dokkalfar.

The Dokkalfr camp was lead by Migin Doomheart. Who was only looking for an ally to help them fight the jotunn. She reluctantly accepted the proposition to undergo the zone of truth interrogation. She and her executioner went into Alfheimer to meet the heirarch. After the ritual, the heirarch agreed to aid the Doomheart which sent his associate Celar into a rage. Celar attempted to assassinate Bel-kadrur and tried to murder the party. After a vicious fight, celar was defeated and the liosalfr agreed to vacate the city and join Gil with the aid of the Dokkalfr.


Ranseur Ranseur

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