Founder of the Silent Verdict religion


Slayer of Kathral and creator of The Silent Verdict. Dahciel teaches the true path towards enlightenment as a path of pure justice. The wicked CANNOT walk this path for they would be destroyed in doing so. And the only way to destroy the darkness is with a light so pure as to cast out the shadows of the night.

It is said that Dahciel was born as an Aasimar, a rare human gifted with angelic abilites through the blood of his parents. The locals purged his family in Inquisition, but he was spared by a dying priest. The priest sanctified Dahciel with his own blood and gave him to a family of warriors to raise. Dahciel became a wandering judge. Upholding the laws of the land, and serving justice to sinners. Eventually he came to realize the greatest sin of all was to allow the corruption of Felmouth to continue. So he and a few other adventurers traveled to the The Ebon Spike and there they fought and slew Kathral. Who with his dying breath cursed Dahciel to die as a mortal. Dahciel did die that day, but in doing so helped purify the land. Driving back the darkness.

To this day, his followers seek to purify the inhabitants of Felmouth. By sword if necessary.


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