Deliverance Cahill

Master of the Dawnbringers


Born Damien Cahill, Deliverance has always felt out of place. Fighting with her father until he flat out accused her of witch craft and set The Inquisitors on her. They tried to torture a confession out of her and failed. And so instead decided to burn her at the stake. When she walked out of those flames unharmed she claimed she was protected by the silence, and the beautiful law. The awestruck citizens choose to knight her on the spot. Since then she has become a vocal demagogue and champion of the people. Voicing contempt for the weak and pushing for stronger military. She does not hide her disdain for the inquisition that would have murdered her, and would follow the teachings of The Silent Verdict zealously, even going as far as fighting The Church. If its views conflicted with her interpretations.

Deliverance has created a faction within the church as a sort of military sect. The Dawnbringers

Deliverance Cahill

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