King Ymghirr, Jarl of all Yrstagg

Giant King of Yrstagg




King Ymghirr is the current leader of the Jotnar of Yrstagg. He is a vicious, cruel, and avaricious. He saw his sons as scheming and manipulative like himself, and since he had deposed his own father, he found it prudent to exterminate his own young. Even his daughters were not spared the knife.

King Ymghirr rules from the fortress of Skapta Keep and utilises Light’s bane

Ymghirr was born the fourth son of the old king. He believed himself destined for greatness, and as his older brothers died in wars with the other jarls, he became convinced that the path before him was clear. He was to overthrow his father, so he set upon a quest to become the strongest Jotnar in the land. He would end his journey on the top of Skapta Pinnacle, where he would fight the dread Linnorm Lyrath. Only one would walk away from the fight, and Ymghirr managed to slay the dragon. He took the head of his foe and threw it at the feet of his father. The old king chose to attempt to destroy the upstart and was instead defeated and killed. Ymghirr moved his capital to Skapta pinnacle, where he built Skapta Keep

King Ymghirr, Jarl of all Yrstagg

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