The Ebon Empire

Howl of the Banshee #10
The battle of Grimchill

30 Blessing 1181

The party headed to Grimchill to head off the Crawling Rage cult. According to the Book of Garth. And the days leading up to 1 Mercy 1181 saw an increase in swarms of vermin. Eventually fighting broke out between cultists and guards. The players were dragged into the fighting when Aenwulf “The Bear” Cyne was leading a group of defenders against some massive insects and cultists.

Eventually he was taken down by swarms, giving his life to protect the innocent. The party took his body to the messenger post.

The party then headed to the church of Grimchill. Where they found a worm heart cultist performing a ritual. They interrupted his profane rite, and destroyed him. They then decided to bunker down and fortify the church to get some rest.

Drums of five wars #5
The Gala 2

29 Dawn, 1178: Evening

The party split up and headed to Isotta Donato’s gala in an attempt to find proof of collusion between her and the Ivory Cranes.

They found a group of nobles there including Salvadore de Abbraxio, Ico Viari, Imbroglione Zorzi, Betto de Albe, Alodia Entenza.

Surgat acted as lookout while Felurian investigated isotta’s office. While a drunk noble accidentally spoiled his friend’s actions. Stating that he was playing with an artifact in her curio room. When Caille and Lucca investigated they found that her giant statue of a Sene animated and attacked the noble.

Meanwhile, Felurian hears the screaming and decides to continue searching when she is accosted by ink devils. The little devils attempt to intimidate her out of the room, and instead she attacks them. Surgat came to her aid but was attacked by an invisible stalker.

The simultaneous fights were going very badly for the Masque and they were forced into a fighting retreat on both fronts. Isotta ran upstairs to assist in the curio room. When Surgat saw a nameless ivory crane trying to decide how to assist, he gave him a barrel of gunpowder and sent him upstairs. The ensuing blast buried Isotta and the demons. And destroyed most of the manor.

In the street, Ico, and betto helped them fight the animated statue. Eventually destroying it once and for all.

Betto denounced the Masque as spies and fired Surgat before leaving.

Drums of five wars #4
The Gala

20 Dawn, 1178:

Felurian Eld needed some flyers drawn up for a fake town meeting. She helped the elf solve her possessed printer problem and purchased some scrolls.

Meanwhile Surgat Pythius and Builder returned to Abbraxio to maintain their cover. Speaking with builder gave surgat some insights into the current state of the ivory cranes. With a fracture in its identity.

27 Dawn, 1178:

A week later, the group met with Fara and promised to assist her. They witnessed an attack by minotaur rebels. One defected, citing Meyeros and non violence being a better answer. They killed the rebels, with one promising reprisals from the horns of honour.

Surgat and Caille decided to sneak into the silver marsh to steal some information about the connection between the cranes and Isotta. Surgat distracted the mercenaries in the bar with a rousing rendition of their anthem. And caille broke in and stole a filling cabinet.

Upon inspection of the documents in the cabinet, they found some mission reports of reprisal missions into the heart of deshti territory lead by Isotta.

The party withdrew to the manor de beneditti. To discuss fact that Isotta Donato was hosting a party and as an Ivory Crane, surgat was hired to protect it.

Veroncia would have Caille to protect her as an armsman, and Felurian as a lady in waiting. Lucca was hired as entertainment for the party.

Howl of the Banshee #9
The Asylum part 2

23 Blessing 1181, Night

Dr Virginia Smille was more than angry at being disturbed by the party. Her office was a dark abyss of fear, that cast a shadow over the will of all who entered.

After a horrific fight, smille was killed and her experiments ended. She left notes and a left brain replica on her desk. The party collected the replica and used it to partially unlock the door to the trepanation room.

The party explored the first floor west wing. Eventually coming to the office of Dr Bazel Pymer. Pymer was no match for the group, who were, by this point, fully sick and tired of the experiments being performed in the asylum. Pymer had the right side brain model on his desk. Which unlocked the trepaning room.

Inside that room, a gruesome surgery was being performed on the cultist they sought. Holes were being drilled into his head to turn him into some sort of mindless puppet. The doctor, Surgeon Enos Doran was furious about the interruption. He then decided to murder the party. And after a vicious brawl, was killed. The party found a notebook from the cultist in a pile of possessions. The book, scribbled with notes from the mind of a madman, held one piece of information pertinent to their operation. “I must escape the clutches of these madmen. I need to be in Grimchill on 1 mercy to aid in the coming of my Lord.”

The group had only one week to prepare for the showdown of a lifetime with the cult of The Crawling Rage.

Drums of Five Wars #3
The Pilgrimage

16 Dawn, 1178

The Masque went to the Silver Marsh so that Surgat Pythius could join the Ivory Cranes.

Stoldo told Surgat to speak with a crane named Builder, who is the admissions coordinator for the guild. Builder decided a test would be appropriate. So he assigned surgat a job. The pair were to guard a pilgrimage lead by Gasparo de Fialis to the Shrine of Sene Tomez near Inigara.

The Masque met with priest Gasparo while he was serving food to the hungry. They asked to join his pilgrimage. And he wearily accepted their request.

17 Dawn, 1178: morning

They met with builder and the pilgrims and commenced the two day journey.

17 Dawn, 1178: evening

That night they set up camp. Builder left surgat to watch the camp while the pilgrims conversed. After a few hours the parties split up and went to bed. Sometime around midnight surgat heard some interesting noises and found Calisto Barell dead.

After interrogating everyone, the Masque discovered that Milia Centelez was the murderous spy who attempted to ruin the reputation of Gasparo. She was killed by Surgat to protect her daughter from kidnappers.

18 Dawn, 1178:

In the morning, the party set off again for the shrine. With father Gasparo feeling more dejected over the death of the young soldier. It took them until the late afternoon to arrive at the shrine. Once there Gasparo said a prayer to the statue of sene Tomez. Which animated, collected the body and sent it off to join his soul in the afterlife. The pilgrims, having witnessed a miracle headed to inigara to break the fast and have a nice meal. Gasparo announced his retirement, but the young thief Fara announced her plans to join the priesthood. Builder accepted surgat into the cranes without much fanfare.

Howl of the Banshee #8
The Asylum

21 Blessing 1181

The group collected the mask left behind by the Dissimortuum, and headed to the meeting with Solomon Kilgore. Who had promised information on The Crawling Rage. When they arrived there they questioned him about his role in events. he stated he had no interest in letting the world fall to the rot that the cult would unleash. And pointed the group to Ebonwind Sanitarium, to locate a high ranking member of the cult supposedly imprisoned there as a patient.

22 Blessing 1181

the group headed to Ebonwind Garde in the morning, crossing through a swamp and heading to the home of The Church. On the Way they were intercepted by Thomrut Clanslayer who attempted to murder Gimbrek Barleyroar, who left only his great axe, Clanslayer upon his apparent destruction.

After dispatching the undead, the group arrived in Ebonwind Garde. Where they spent 24 hours recovering from the past few days, and searching for information on the Sanitarium. Sadly there wasnt much beyond the fact that it is run by three doctors, Dr Bazel Pymer, Dr Virginia Smille, and Surgeon Enos Doran. The group is supposedly responsible for some pretty dramatic advances in psychiatric medicine.

23 Blessing 1181, Night

The group arrived at the sanitarium outside the citadel. They entered the darkened lobby and found an elderly woman acting as administrator. Trying to sneak around, Ankor Gra fell from a balcony and landed on her. killing her instantly. The group then started exploring. They found that the patient they were looking for was on the first floor west wing. but was scheduled for surgery again. They checked the first floor east wing and found a lab where some wicked experiments were being performed with electricity. After killing the scientist and his minions the group headed to the second floor west wing, where they found that the patients were all moving and acting like undead.

Drums of Five Wars #2
Sewers and Rats

15 Dawn, 1178

The day after the Royal Wedding of Decia, the group is asked to meet with King Baldassar de Abbraxio. He names the the Masque of the Sun and appoints them his royal investigators. He promised to reward them handsomely if they could discover who murdered his fiance.

Surgat Pythius realized that Ludovico could hold the key, if he could be located, so they headed to The Velvet Lily where they met Reya era Pir, an Evar who was glad to give information to surgat, she was an affectionate lady. it turned out that Ludo was hiding in the sewers.

In the sewers the masque encountered a number of scavengers, and found ludovico plotting with some Sulians to get out of the city. The group destroyed the sulians and interrogated Ludo, promising him freedom for information.

He told them that he was working for Betto de Albe of the Ivory Cranes. and that it was possible that the cranes were hired by Isotta Donato.

The Masque decided to infiltrate the cranes, but first they were to head to Veroncia de Beneditti to alert her to the developments. On the Way they were attacked by Quicktalon assassins. After the assassination attempt, they managed to make it to veroncia’s manor where they told her of their plans to head to the Silver Marsh

Drums of five wars #1
The Royal Wedding

14 Dawn, 1178:

The day of the Royal Wedding of Decia. King Baldassar de Abbraxio is to be wed to Adrianna Viari, daughter of a great general from Santango. Thousands of people have flocked to Abbraxio to celebrate and make some money. The chaos on the streets has also lead to an increase in the number of thieves and criminals heading to the city including Ludovico, who was being chased by Surgat Pythius who was interested in the 300 gold bounty placed on the pretty criminal’s head by Amideo Bon.
In addition, knights from the five orders like caille are in the city to protect the king during the ceremony. As are a number of entertainers including Voodoo Fiction and two jesters, Lucca Accora and Imbroglione Zorzi. Veroncia de Beneditti and her lady in waiting, Felurian Eld are planning on attending the wedding along with most of the nobles and churchmen of the nation. Even a few emissaries from the Sulian and Deshti factions will be there.

Surgat followed his quarry to Abbraxio only to find that the petty creep had obtained legitimate employment as a porter for Voodoo Fiction. Surgat pretended to be a churchman to gain entry into the palace. Fooling the guard Carlo in the process. He wandered the palace, searching for Ludovico.

Felurian was at her mistress’s manor preparing for the wedding when there was a knocking at the door. She opened the door to find a man bleeding profusely, who collapsed at her feet and warned her that the king was in danger. She alerted Veroncia and headed to the palace to see if she could alert a few key people about the danger.

Veroncia had the same idea and alerted the knights guarding Baldassar.

Lucca, while waiting for his chance to perform in the dining area, was earning up the crowd with some jokes when he realized a crowd was forming around another jester. He interrupted this interloper with an insidious fart noise. Zorzi claimed to know him but did not elaborate. Lucca was met by Felurian who alerted him to keep an eye out for danger.

Meanwhile Surgat found Ludovico working for the band in the ballroom. And followed him to the kitchen where he confronted him. Ludovico attempted to flee passed Felurian and lucca. The two of them aided in stopping the crook and Surgat hit him with a chair. (He’s the chair guy) The commotion gained Caille’s attention. The group participated in the interrogation of Ludovico, and learned that an attack was imminent from assassins inside the palace. Surgat locked up his prisoner and went with the rest to where the ceremony was to be held. The ceremony is interrupted by a frontal attack on the palace. most of the knights had gone to repel the attack when another group of assassins moved into a side door. after a brutal fight in the throne room, General Ico recommends moving to the upstairs, but there is a another fight out in the hallway and the group, consisting of Ico, Baldassar, and Adriana all head to the ballroom. After barring the door with a piano, the butlers drew a bunch of weapons and attacked.

The skirmish that followed was drawn out and brutal. Eventually one of the assassins slew lady Adrianna. which spurred Baldassar to action. he assisted the party in slaying the assassins. After the leader was dead, the knights managed to break down the door, where they found a grief stricken king and general, and a group of dead and mostly dead people. Baldassar stops the Knights from arresting the party and promises them a reward. And further rewards if they continue to work with him.

Howl of the Banshee #2
A trip through the woods

13 Voices 1181

Rainn and Ten-o headed to their guild house to drop off the ledger and cipher with their superiors and were given a few days off. Ankor did a few jobs and kept his ear to the ground for news about the Bloody Hand Gang. While Cal settled a few criminal trials. And sent out for information on the Bloody Hand Gang to assist Ankor.

16 Voices 1181

Cal’s information came in, which alerted him to the deaths of a Judge and a sheriff in Ashtonshire. In addition to the raid on Ashtonshire by the Bloody Hand Gang. So he hired Rainn and Ten-o to guard him, and a messenger to lead him to Ashtonshire. Ester sent Aenwulf, and Ankor decided to tag along due to the news about the gang violence.

So the party decided to head to ashtonshire through the Woods of Ghal. While traversing the woods the party was attacked by Vegepygmies. They destroyed the hunting group with minimal injuries. But after a few hours came upon the remains of a caravan with six bodies including the mangled corpse of a seven year old. Ankor insisted upon burying the child and so they did. After the burial, Cal performed a funeral rite to purify the area. The party continued on, eventually coming to an abandoned inn.

They decided to explore the inn and stay over night. They found it in dusty, but pretty clean condition. While exploring the basement they found some useable food, and while exploring the master bedroom they found a Elfs Head Diary. Cal read the diary, which was written by the owner, Sorry for sin Wallace. He mostly wrote about the inn, and his customers. After reading, eating and talking for a bit, most of the party retired upstairs to sleep with Ten-o taking first watch.

Around midnight, a horrible scream fills the air and Cal ran into the bedroom it came from. He found the woman’s dress from earlier soaked in blood around the abdomen. Ankor noticed that Cal’s shirt was soaked in blood around the neck. Wandering the inn they found other scenes of horror, the children’s clothes and gloves also soaked in blood. A painting missing the head of a man, a huge blood stain on the floor of the kitchen and a skeleton missing it’s head in the basement. All of these things emanating necromantic energy. Ten-o found mysterious hoof prints leaving the previously empty barn. The party decided to leave the barn, some feeling anger over what had transpired there.

17 Voices 1181

They walked through the night, following the prints towards Ashtonshire. At one point the fog became thick and the group could see blinking lights in the darkness. But eventually the fog got too thick to see, and then suddenly cleared out. And the prints were no longer visible.

After a few more miles the sun rose again and the group found themselves in the outskirts of ashtonshire. Most of the party went to the empty glory inn. But Cal went to try a few cases as a replacement for the judge that was murdered. After sleeping they went to explore the town and came upon the mayor Hezekiah Boyd. Trying to calm a large crowd that had gathered in front of the town hall. Hezekiah spoke to Cal about a new pair of murders in the old cemetery…

Howl of the Banshee #1
Murders in Grimchill

12 Voices 1181

Early in the morning Rainn Sandulf, a Slayer and his partner, Ten-o Lota are awoken by an urgent request from their guild representative, Duncan Watt. Apparently there was a murder in Grimchill with evidence pointing towards monsters. The two slayers headed to the scene of the crime.

When they arrived they found a body so thoroughly mangled as to be unrecognizable. But with a ring marked “To JB, love CB” and some paperwork for a delivery to be picked up at the local messenger post. So the slayers went to the post to see if they could identify the recipient.

Upon arrival at the post, they met Ester Liggit, who would only allow the release of the name of the intended recipient of the two packages of they had a court order. So she sent two messengers Aenwulf and Ankor Gra with the slayers to the local judge. They were there to both give the name of the intended recipient, and deliver their respective packages after. So the group went to the local courthouse.

They arrived there to find that the local judge was indisposed but a temporary one Calavénsár Antúlien was accessible.Theodosia Lawson let them in to see the judge. Cal heard the evidence and granted the writ. So the group learned that the intended recipient was one Expedition Shipping Company. At that point a number of thugs lead by a cultist attacked the group. Almost all being killed, with the exception of a hired goon who stated that he was hired to take out a Judge by an old woman.

The group then headed to the expedition shipping company. Once there they were met by Battalion Goodman who told them the name of their victim, Jothan Bennet. He stated that the owner, Mercy Bradley is out but that she should be back later. He also told the group where jothan lives. And they headed to his house to tell his wife.

She didn’t take the news well. Telling them that he was acting strange after work and left around midnight. The group then deduced that Jothan was headed back to work. So the group went to get a warrant to break into the warehouse after hours to gather evidence of misdeeds with the shipping co. So they headed back to the judge’s chambers.

At the courthouse they found the judge acting strangely. Within moments it became clear why. A group of zealots was trying to coerce Cal. The slayers killed the zealots and were granted the warrant. One of the cultists was spotted by Rainn earlier working at the warehouse. This time Cal decided to go with them to serve the warrant.

They found the warehouse empty because it was after hours. So they broke in to search for evidence. A quick search and they turned up a hidden for that lead down to a basement. In the basement was a large number of boxes and a number of zombies. After destroying the zombies they discovered that mercy had been made into a zombie. The party also found a Dusk Cipher and a Hidden Ledger.


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