The Ebon Empire

Frostmarch #10
Blood on the Hills
Frostmarch #9
Blood on the Hills

24th Ancients, 1178

The party woke up the next day and took a boat down the Alfheim river. Where they met up with Hraugun and The Empress of Ghosts. They then sailed down to Sillshys to speak to Axilya and warn the town about the Jotunn rampage.

30th Ancients, 1178

The party took a few days to sail down the coast and get up the river. At the mouth of the river, the party dealt with a river spirit and slew a group of sahaugin. Later upriver the empress of ghosts was beached and ruined, but the party was attacked by giants. Including the deadlySeizan, of Last Wishes. They destroyed seizan and cleared the field.

The Frostmarch #8
Epic of the Skald

21st Ancients, 1178

The party awoke the next day and decided to head off towards Alfheimer. They had to maneuver through an enchanted forest filled with arcane defenses. After two days of marching they arrived at Alfheimer only to find a Dokkalfr army encamped at the gates. It did not appear that a fight was imminent, but both sides were clearly armed and wary of the other.

23rd Ancients, 1178

The group gained access to the city, and were taken to speak with Bel-Kadrur. He asked for some help with the Dokkalfr army and for proof about the supposed Jotunn mobilization. The party offered to undergo a zone of truth interrogation. And volunteered to speak with the dokkalfar.

The Dokkalfr camp was lead by Migin Doomheart. Who was only looking for an ally to help them fight the jotunn. She reluctantly accepted the proposition to undergo the zone of truth interrogation. She and her executioner went into Alfheimer to meet the heirarch. After the ritual, the heirarch agreed to aid the Doomheart which sent his associate Celar into a rage. Celar attempted to assassinate Bel-kadrur and tried to murder the party. After a vicious fight, celar was defeated and the liosalfr agreed to vacate the city and join Gil with the aid of the Dokkalfr.

The Frostmarch #7
Traps and webs

18th Ancients, 1178

The party awoke the morning after the great revel in the woods north of Mjosyndi. They return to the town to sail east along the coast on The Empress of Ghosts. While they left they saw Draigh watching them leave. She merely smiled at their departure.

20th Ancients, 1178

Two days later, they arrived at the mouth of the Malkith River, which was unseasonably low so they were forced to leave the ship and go by foot. late in the evening Talsalas found tracks from a large group of Jotnarkunnr residing in a cave in the region. They evaded the Jotnar but stumbled upon Ærnma who informed them that the Jotnarkunnr were dying from some wasting disease she may have unleashed by touching the Idol of Predation. She told them where she found the idol and set about retrieving some ingredients for the potential cure.

Heading to the Shrine of the web, they fought their way through the spider- guardians and figured out how to open the inner sanctum. Inside they fought Qeclueth and destroyed it. But were in turn attacked by Nakshayla and her pet troll, Hoodun She escaped the shrine with the Idol

The Frostmarch #6
Retrieve the Dead

23rd Glory, 1178

After the party awoke from their vision they were given some weapons by the The Norns of Skalafel. They then decided to return to Eyjafjoll to report their findings.

14th Ancients, 1178

Three weeks later they landed in Eyjafjoll and spoke with Thorgrima Ragnardottir. She took their report and slept on the information.

Skimi decided at this time to return to her own people to warn them of the impending invasion.

15th Ancients, 1178

During the night Balder Osmondson was visited by Eydana. She told him to go to the Helvegr and speak with the dead. A message was to be given to the party to help them with their quest. The party speaks to Thorgrima again and procure The Empress of Ghosts as transport to Mjosyndi she also sends them with the ship’s builder Hraugun

17th Ancients, 1178

Two days later the party arrived in Mjosyndi, and they were not given a warm welcome. the town was destitute and corrupted by the presence of foul beings. The party asked around and they were repeatedly rebuffed on the subject of the Helvegr. Eventually, they were directed to a witch named Draigh. After the party convinced her that they would retrieve the Mirror of the Returned for her from the Helsalr.

The party fought past the unhallowed dead, and spirits of the afterlife until they met a Giantess who spoke with them of the customs of the dead. She allowed them passage. At the gates of the Helsalr, the party met with Valra who would allow them one night amongst the hallowed dead in exchange for their participation in the great hunt. They obliged and slew Sæhrímnir and were permitted to join the dead for their nightly feast.

During the revel, they met with Torsten Thundertaker who showed them The rune of Return which he had crafted himself. He also gave them some weapons of great power and told them to gather the other races if they wish to survive the coming war.

The Frostmarch #5
The Horns of Yrstagg

23rd Glory, 1178

The party wakes up, seeing the world through the eyes of the jotnar jarls who apparently have been meeting to discuss plans for the winter fighting season. Fjornjot, the bastard was pushing for a fight with the mortals infringing on his territory. But King Ymghirr, Jarl of all Yrstagg could not allow the bastard to lead the fight so he came up with a cunning plan to convince the others to let him lead.

He would lead the other jarls on a hunt and slay a mighty beast. He would use the Shriek of the Apocalypse horn to summon Wahlkrenwuld of the Grim Wind. Which he would slay with Rimebreaker

The jarls fought their way to the Azure Spike and slew the dragon. Ymghirr united the jarls and began to plan for the coming war, with the Jotnar under one banner.

The Frostmarch #4
The Norns

23rd Glory, 1178

The party took a longship to Norn island off skalafel to speak to the norns about the violence of the jotnar.

Bearing the end of the trip, a thick fog rolled in and the group became lost, beaching off course they quickly regained their bearing and headed across the tundra. Fighting draugr and scaling down a crevasse to head for their cave. They were forced to slay a pair of hill giants.

After killing the giants the group maneuvered through the ice maze of Yth with relative ease. But then they came upon Content Not Found: null. A monstrous, raving mad hill giant that attempted to eat every living thing it saw. It nearly slew Skimi Rúnvalka, and Ærzus Asgeirrsson, but through the use of Aerzus’ frost magic the monster was forced off. After a titanic clash, the mouth lay dead, and the party proceeded within the cave of the Norns.

The Norns spoke to the party and ascertained what they wished to know just before the world went black.

The Frostmarch #3
Victory and defeat

5th Glory, 1178

After defeatingLoryax, the party decided to rest up before continuing to Galvask and the Runehenge of victory.

6th Glory, 1178

Galvask was a ruin. Jotnar attacked in the night, destroying the town utterly. So the party headed to the rune henge. Which they found intact.

Having gotten what they wanted, the group headed back to Hvaleyrr via loryax’s boat to warn of possible attack. But it was too late, the town was destroyed, and there were bodies strewn about. But it looked like some escaped by boat.

The group took the boat to Gil.

7th Glory, 1178

A giant shark attacked the ship, only through the skill of the Viking Gregar Dovahkiin at sailing the ship were they able to keep the monster shark from sinking the ship. In the end, the shark was slain and it’s body eaten.

8th Glory, 1178

The group arrived in the capitol, and skuld jaded to a temple of aesa, to find that Talyana had escaped the destruction of hvaleyrr. She told the group of the valor of Hendrick the Razor during the escape. So Ærzus Asgeirrsson decided to visit at Thorgrima’s keep. The rest of the group wished to speak to Thorgrima herself.

The guard refused to allow a jotnarkunnr into the keep itself until Skuld name dropped her father. Upon speaking to Thorgrima they were told of an assassination attempt on her life the day before. She needed the culprit taken into custody before continuing on.

The band continues to the docks, where Talsalas pretended to be a jotnarkunnr looking for work. He spooked the contact, who proceeded to run. After a short chase Talsalas cornered him in a warehouse on the docks.

Aerzus was in the area and retrieved the rest of the heroes, who had only one option. Breach the warehouse. After a short melee with done jotnarkunnr thugs, they captured the traitor Regntreid Hahransson.

Returning him to the keep, they spoke with thorgrima again, and were given an hour to rest before being recalled to the throne room. She told them that Fjornjot, the bastard was indeed behind the attacks but he was making a play for power within the ordning of jarls.

Thorgrima asked the party to go to Skala fel to speak with the norns about these events. The request was punctuated by horrendous screaming coming from downstairs.

Downstairs the party found Rogvar Esteszh killing the guards. After a bloody fight, Rogvar’s murder spree finally came to an end.

The Frostmarch #2
Moving on

3rd Glory, 1178

Waking up, Skuld Völuspá decided to work through a crisis of faith by speaking with Talyana about how to honour another’s wishes when it comes to death.

The rest of the group headed to Vagabond’s Wares and purchased some supplies.

Talyana asked the group to look out for some hunters who never returned in the morning on their way to the rune of victory down by Galvask.

During the trip, the party walked up on a shattered cart being investigated by another survivor of the failed raiding party.Gregar Dovahkiin. They got quickly acquainted and were immediately attacked by bandits.

After dispatching the bandits the party followed the tracks back to the bandit camp, killing those bandits and interrogating the leaderHendrick the Razor. After realizing he was perhaps redeemable, Ærzus Asgeirrsson decided to release him.

The party rested for the night after finding the bodies of the hunters along with sakkadan arrow shafts. They decided to head in the direction of the apparent Sakkadan raiding party.

4th Glory, 1178

After a few miles they found two Sakkadan boats packing up and leaving. One was already leaving, the other stayed behind to fight. The group killed those warriors and quickly chased the fleeing warriors.

The river was angry that day, my friend, and after a rough start they narrowly escaped several sea serpents before finally losing control of the boat due to a snapped sail and beached it

The party decided to race west to try to head off the other boat. Luckily the other half of the raiding party had similarly bad luck and beached on the rocks not too far from them.

The two warbands clashed on the beach and Loryax was eventually slain. The group decided to rest for the night and head to galvask in the morning.

The Frostmarch #1
The Raid

1st Glory, 1178

To avoid a premature war with the Jotnar, Thorgrima Ragnardottir sent a warband lead by Ottkatla Adilsdottir to attack a Sakkadan settlement called Galvask

Torsten Thundertaker ended up boarding the Drekirok to avoid a gang of street toughs to whom he owed money. Little did he know the boat was headed into greater danger. On board he met a Valkurkunnr named Skuld Völuspá. She was heading into combat and glory. And a Jotnarkunnr namedÆrzus Asgeirrsson, who intended to protect the runehenge that was located near their intended target.

2nd Glory, 1178

During the second day of the trip, around dusk, a fog rolled in, and with the fog, a band of sahuagin raiders. The warriors of the warband quickly dispatched their assailants. But the small fleet was dispersed by a storm soon after, with the Drekirok sent to the bottom of the ocean.

In the great forest of Husavik, Halamar, and his hunter friendTalsalas, were poaching boars from the local jotnar jarl. After a heavy fog rolled in and they killed a few boar, a jotnar hunter speed them. And killed Halamar with a single arrow. Talsalas fled into the woods and fell into a tidal pool in the dark.

Two friends, Balder Osmondson, and Skimi Rúnvalka were on their way to investigate the rune of victory near Galvask when skimi got them lost. They decided to stop for the night when a thick fog rolled in after an attack by dog sized spiders.

3rd Glory, 1178

In the morning skimi and balder awoke to find three bodies lying in the surf. All three had somehow managed to not drown during the previous night’s shipwreck. While everyone got to know each other, talsalas attempted to escape the pit he was in. Failed and drew the group’s attention. Skimi mentioned the town that they had come from, a place called Hvaleyrr. After a short discussion everyone agreed heading the 23 miles towards hvaleyrr was the best plan.

While traveling North, the group stumbled upon a giant toad that attempted to eat skimi because it mistook her glowing runes for a fly. After slaying the toad the group turned West to avoid a winter worg’s territory. But the group wandered into a den of boars that attacked. Turning North again the party disrupted a planned ambush by two half ogre brothersHakyl and Jakyl. The brothers were killed, but not before slaying Torsten

The party continued onward towards Hvaleyrr to give Torsten a proper funeral at the Temple of Aesa. The group prepared the Temple for the funeral and when it was time, the valkerie Eydana arrived to take Torstens soul to the after life.


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