The Ebon Empire

Spirits of Sul'Dusa #2
The Sound of Drums

14th Glory, 1175

The Al’aitsu expedition celebrates the successful return of several spirit hunting parties. After the ceremony of mourning, Dareven had a feast prepared. After the feast, a group of humans and kenku attacked the camp. Once the attackers were killed, dereven accused the Mollis Procella, and Ku’ Maar Mightscale of the Sakkada expedition of perfidy. She then kicked all non Al’aitsu from the camp. The next day the expedition was disbanded and decamped.

25th Expansion, 1175

Wiskil was wandering The Drench and was found and given a missive by Aerylia. She told wiskil to return to the pickett. He obliged, and was sent, by Dareven at the head of a group of elven hunters back to the heart of the Sall Riverlands. There he was to retrieve a Baykok’s Eye from a nest near the Tear

While he marched to the tear, a group of Yuan’ ti stole a clutch of Mightscale Tribe eggs from Degre Stahd. The Yuan’ti then retreated back into the riverlands.

Ku’ Maar Mightscale was tasked by his captain to take two other soldiers and retrieve the eggs from the yuanti.

Istalyn was trailing a large pack of yuan ti as they moved through the riverlands, and she became interested in the small group that broke off. When she followed that group, she found that they attacked the hatchery and stole a clutch of eggs. So she left clues to lead any pursuers towards the yuanti, which did not meet up with the larger group. While following their tracks she discovered a pukwudgie camp.

Wiskil meanwhile stumbled into the pukwudgies themselves. And several of his even hunters were slain in the ensuing chase and fight in the jungle. Kumar and his surviving soldier, as well as Ista stumbled upon the fight and chose to aid the Al’aitsu against the pukwudgies. After the fight the group chose to follow the Yuan ti first.

While tracking the Yuanti, the group stumbled upon a hungry Chickcharney. Ista tracked a deer to an island in a pool of water. while trying to retrieve the deer carcass they were attacked by a Dakwa. slaying the Dakwa proved costly, as Kumar’s remaining soldier perished. but the group collected the deer carcass and fed it to the chickcharney. Which delighted the bird, and it blessed them with luck.

Soon afterwards, the group discovered a copse of trees, into which the tracks of the Yuan ti disappeared. The party charged in and was attacked by Sitot and several minions. Sitot was attempting to burn the eggs as an offering to the snake god Chaarbok. Wiskil saved the eggs, and the group defeated the yuanti. Kumar is to return the eggs to Degre Stahd

Spirits of Sul'Dusa #1
The Star Summit

13th Glory, 1175

A major event is coming, an increase in the number of Spirits materializing in Sul’Dusa has lead the Chieftains of the clans to send emissaries, priests, shaman and scholars, along with some soldiers to the tear. Calling it “The Star Summit” these emissaries seek to understand the nature of these incursions, and prevent their escalation. In addition, the tri-partisan nature of the delegation is designed to alleviate some of the political strife occuring between the clans over The Blood Mire a patch of turf that has recently become contested due to its proximity to the Tear.

Ku’ Maar Mightscale , and several other Sakkadan warriors are tasked by Roog to help guard an Al’aitsali expedition into the Blood Mire. He wants to keep an eye on the expedition, especiall the Devan emissary, Alexio. Dareven meanwhile sends Wiskil, Sakaala, and several Al’aitsali warriors of her own. The goal of the expedition is to capture a spirit alive.

The party went east into the wilderness where it encountered a lone elf, hunting in the fog. She warned the party of stealthy hunters, invisible due to the fog. A few seconds later the Bullywugs attacked, killing most of the guards before being defeated. Istalyn, the elven hunter joined the party after the fight, as she knew Sakaala.

Going even further east, the party happened upon a ruined shrine, where they decided to summon the stone spirits to capture one. luring the group of stone spirits into a trap angered them so they attacked the remaining members of the party. but in the end, the spirits were defeated, and one was captured, fulfilling the expedition goal. Sakaala decided to return to the base camp.

While en route to the base camp, the expedition was attacked, unprovoked by some Yuan-ti Purebloods. Upon arriving at the camp the expedition found that many of the other expeditions either failed, or died. some others did manage to bring back spirits, and the next day there would be a celebration.


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