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  • Ocean Domain

    h4. *Oceanic Domain Spells* *Cleric Level* *1st* fog cloud, speak with animals *3rd* alter self, misty step *5th* tidal wave*, waterbreathing *7th* control water, watery sphere* *9th* maelstrom*, control winds* h4. *Bonus Cantrips* You know …

  • Time domain

    h3. Time Domain Spells *Cleric Level* *1st* featherfall, mage armor *3rd* hold person, mirror image *5th* slow, haste 7th confusion, dimension door 9th hold monster, legend lore Ahead of Time[edit] You gain advantage on Initiative rolls Bonus …

  • Cold domain

    h4. *Cold Domain Spells* *Cleric Level* 1st absorb elements, ice knife 3rd snilloc's snowball swarm, flaming sphere 5th fire shield, ice storm 7th investiture of ice, primordial ward 9th dominate monster, mind blank h4. *Cold Domain* …

  • Mogbad the Fat

    Mogbad the fat is the leader of the church of Larahgrunnr. He intends to end the world one day by summoning the giant god to destroy all mortals. He uses his position within the "church" to push around lesser giants.

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