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  • Thorgrima Ragnardottir

    Thorgrima Ragnardottir is the daughter of the great Jarl Ragnar, who lead his people from the shore of Husavik to the islands of Gil, where he founded the great city[[Eyjafjoll | Eyjafjoll]]. He lead a series of raids on enemy coastal cities, especially …

  • Hendrick the Razor

    Hendrick the Razor's family was slaughtered by Jotnar, [[:thorgrima-ragnardottir | Thorgrima Ragnardottir]] refused to go to war so now he makes a living raiding her interests. After being defeated by the party, [[:aerzus-asgeirrsson | Ærzus …

  • Aimar

    Aimar disguises himself as an elf, but is really a firbolg. He is renowned for his skill at armorsmithing, and is very popular among the richer warriors of [[Eyjafjoll | Eyjafjoll]] sent [[:firbolg-ranger | Talsalas]] to find his wife [[:axilya | Axilya]]

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