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  • Talsalas

    Born just over 200 years ago, I have spent much of my life in the woods of Husavik, hunting, trapping and exploring with my family. I have ventured far over the years, as far north as the lands Mor. My life has been fairly simple, but fulfilling, as is …

  • Halamar

    Halamar is a great warden of Husavik, charged with protecting the Runestone of Wisdom. Halamar is a great warrior and stalwart ally. But he is foolish when it comes to action and will occasionally instigate fights.

  • Aimar

    Aimar disguises himself as an elf, but is really a firbolg. He is renowned for his skill at armorsmithing, and is very popular among the richer warriors of [[Eyjafjoll | Eyjafjoll]] sent [[:firbolg-ranger | Talsalas]] to find his wife [[:axilya | Axilya]]

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