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  • Hvaleyrr

    A small hamlet in Husavik, populated by EInherjar and Gileans. It features a temple to Aesa and a runehenge for the Rune of Protection. it is lead by [[:talyana | Talyana]]

  • Halamar

    Halamar is a great warden of Husavik, charged with protecting the Runestone of Wisdom. Halamar is a great warrior and stalwart ally. But he is foolish when it comes to action and will occasionally instigate fights.

  • Hakyl

    Likes to hit things to see if they bleed. not too bright. a blast a parties though, im sure. brother of [[:jakyl | Jakyl]] killed [[:mrtt | Torsten Thundertaker]] now dead. fucking prick.

  • Jakyl

    Kind of a downer, doesnt like people. Also likes hitting things. mostly because "ooh pretty blood fountain" brother to [[:hakyl | Hakyl]] attempted to ambush the party. died for it.

  • Talyana

    Leader of the town Hvaleyrr, also head of the church of Aesa. Gave the party money for their service of killing [[:hakyl | Hakyl]] [[:jakyl | Jakyl]] she has fled to [[Eyjafjoll | Eyjafjoll]] to work with the church of Aesa there.

  • Hendrick the Razor

    Hendrick the Razor's family was slaughtered by Jotnar, [[:thorgrima-ragnardottir | Thorgrima Ragnardottir]] refused to go to war so now he makes a living raiding her interests. After being defeated by the party, [[:aerzus-asgeirrsson | Ærzus …

  • Fjornjot, the bastard

    Despite his less than charming personality, Fjornjot has managed to become the jarl of husavik by bullying, murdering and otherwise coercing his rivals into giving up. He is most likely the toughest being in Husavik. He wants a war with the Mortal races. …

  • Nakshayla

    Nakshayla is a hag, possibly responsible for the death of [[:aernma | Ærnma]] she tricked the party into raiding the Shrine of Webs to retrieve the Idol of Predation

  • Bel-Kadrur

    Bel-Kadrur is the honored Heirarch of Thyri and has been the leader of the city of Alfheimer for fifty nine years. He is a believer in divination and interprets signs to determine how to rule. He is considered a just ruler, but he generally dislikes the …

  • Celar

    Celur is the grand vizier of Alfheimer, and right hand man to [[:bel-kadrur | Bel-Kadrur]]. He is very loyal to the Liosalfr and distrusting of other races. Killed for attempting a coup when the party allied the Liosalfar with [[:migin-doomheart | Migin …

  • Rhuca Sosals

    Rhuca is the latest in a long line of Bloodfort kings. They have a long and proud history of standing against the Jotnar, and to this day have never quit the field in defeat against them. The bloodfort has never been abandoned by the Dvergar populating it …

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