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  • Thorgrima Ragnardottir

    Thorgrima Ragnardottir is the daughter of the great Jarl Ragnar, who lead his people from the shore of Husavik to the islands of Gil, where he founded the great city[[Eyjafjoll | Eyjafjoll]]. He lead a series of raids on enemy coastal cities, especially …

  • Fjornjot, the bastard

    Despite his less than charming personality, Fjornjot has managed to become the jarl of husavik by bullying, murdering and otherwise coercing his rivals into giving up. He is most likely the toughest being in Husavik. He wants a war with the Mortal races. …

  • Hanir the Mad

    Hanir the mad is the Jarl of Skalafel and a master sorceress among the Jotnar. She has earned her nickname by killing all other forms of life on jotnar, leaving her with an undead army. She is also a major priestess of Laraghrunnr and advocates the …

  • Mogbad the Fat

    Mogbad the fat is the leader of the church of Larahgrunnr. He intends to end the world one day by summoning the giant god to destroy all mortals. He uses his position within the "church" to push around lesser giants.

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