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  • Helvegr

    The Road to Hell is an opening to another plane of reality northwest of [[Mjosyndi | Mjosyndi]], just across the river Thrigg. The Helvegr is a land of fog and monsters. Great beasts and great mystery. It can only be found by the marked for honor.

  • Ofeig Eidson

    Ofeig is a viking warrior who has set up a permanent camp on the northern shore of the sea of ghosts. He is the founder of [[Mjosyndi | Mjosyndi]] and has been the leader of a number of small raids against giant settlements. He has met limited success on …

  • Draigh

    Draigh is an old woman living near Mjosyndi, she has information about the Helvegr. They were tasked with finding the [[Mirror of the Returned | Mirror of the Returned]] for her in exchange for information about the [[Helvegr | Helvegr]]

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