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  • Jotnar

    [[File:668778 | class=media-item-align-none | tumblr_static_icon.jpg]] The Jotnar of [[Yrstagg | Yrstagg]] are a race of giants that rule over the hoary realm. The giants are members of a feudal society and are dominated by the strongest giant in the …

  • Skapta Keep

    [[File:668797 | class=media-item-align-none | Skapta_Palace.jpg]] Skapta Keep is a massive [[Jotnar | Jotnar]] castle sitting atop [[Skapta Pinnacle]]. It is the home of [[:king-ymghirr-jarl-of-all-yrstagg | King Ymghirr, Jarl of all Yrstagg]], who …

  • Skapta Pinnacle

    [[File:668799 | class=media-item-align-none | Skapta_Pinn.jpg]] The greatest mountain in all of [[Yrstagg | Yrstagg]]. At its peak is the great citadel [[Skapta Keep | Skapta Keep]]. At its base is the indestructible fortress of [[Skaptholt]]

  • Hvaleyrr

    A small hamlet in Husavik, populated by EInherjar and Gileans. It features a temple to Aesa and a runehenge for the Rune of Protection. it is lead by [[:talyana | Talyana]]

  • Skapta kull

    The frozen wastes of [[Yrstagg | Yrstagg]]. The land of black ice is covered in glaciers and great ice storms come in from the ocean. Skapta Kull is home to the frozen mountain [[Skapta Pinnacle | Skapta Pinnacle]].

  • Eyjafjoll

    Eyjafjoll it's the capital of Gil, and the seat of power for [[:thorgrima-ragnardottir | Thorgrima Ragnardottir]]. It features a prominent port, with numerous docks. The harbour district is a notorious hangout for criminals and foreigners. There are …

  • Mjosyndi

    Mjosyndi is a town on the northern edge of the sea of ghosts. It is said to be near the location of the mythical Helvegr, the road to the land of the dead. Mjosyndi is run by a clan chief named [[:ofeig-eidson | Ofeig Eidson]] and it has a small inn, …

  • Helvegr

    The Road to Hell is an opening to another plane of reality northwest of [[Mjosyndi | Mjosyndi]], just across the river Thrigg. The Helvegr is a land of fog and monsters. Great beasts and great mystery. It can only be found by the marked for honor.

  • Doomheart Dokkalfr

    Leader: [[:migin-doomheart | Migin Doomheart]] Location of capital: None Language: Undercommon Naming conventions for people: "Dark elf name gen":http://www.fantasynamegenerators.com/warhammer-dark-elf-names.php#.WMhIHcspDqA Naming conventions …

  • Wahlkrenwuld of the Grim Wind

    Wahlkrenwuld is a great Dragon that roams the icy reaches of Skapta. Delivering frozen death to whole communities and terrorizing even frost giants. Wahlkrenwuld prefers to kill slowly, tormenting his victims for hours before finally, mercifully, …

  • Ofeig Eidson

    Ofeig is a viking warrior who has set up a permanent camp on the northern shore of the sea of ghosts. He is the founder of [[Mjosyndi | Mjosyndi]] and has been the leader of a number of small raids against giant settlements. He has met limited success on …

  • Draigh

    Draigh is an old woman living near Mjosyndi, she has information about the Helvegr. They were tasked with finding the [[Mirror of the Returned | Mirror of the Returned]] for her in exchange for information about the [[Helvegr | Helvegr]]

  • Celar

    Celur is the grand vizier of Alfheimer, and right hand man to [[:bel-kadrur | Bel-Kadrur]]. He is very loyal to the Liosalfr and distrusting of other races. Killed for attempting a coup when the party allied the Liosalfar with [[:migin-doomheart | Migin …

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