History: Al’aitsu is the second oldest clan in Sul’Dusa. Originally a renegade Sakkadan tribe that fled to the drench to escape persecution, the clan has grown into the second largest clan in the nation. Al’aitsu tradition states that witches are to be the only leaders of the clan. Because of this, many practitioners of the dark arts find their way into the clan.

Goals, ambitions, and beliefs: the Al’aitsu believe that death is the natural conclusion of life. But, that doesn’t mean that existence is over. Many Al’aitsu practice ancestor worship. Others pray to dark spirits for power. The Al’aitsu celebrate the dead, and a death day is treated almost like a birthday.

Leader:Tsela Black Eyes

Symbol: a scythe with an upside down candle burning as its handle.

Notable Tribes: The Ebontalon Tribe

Notable People:

Notable Locations: The Drench


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