Ashtonshire is a town with a history of rebellion. Its location in the heart of The Woods of Ghal has lent it a measure of autonomy. This relative independence leads the people of Ashtonshire to refer to it as the “Free City”

Population 2782
Location: In the center of the Woods of Ghal
Industry: Furs, lumber and Auroch ranching.


Executive: Hezekiah Boyd

Religion: The Silent Verdict


Town Guard: 200 militia, which acts as guard and defense force. In addition, most of the population is armed.

Flag The flag is made up of four diagonal stripes in black and silver. Their emblem consists of a stylized wolf surrounded by 6 trees.


Inn: The Empty Glory Inn

Smithy: The Honored Furnace

Scribe: Keziah’s Quill

Alchemist: Gothan’s Arcanum

Church: The High Judiciary

Other Locations of Note

The Post : Guildhome of the messengers


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