Frail, but deadly

The Ay’Hyran are a slender, all female race, of swift, agile combatants that dance into and out of combat with grace. Leaving devastation in their wake. They were created by the Deva as dancers and intended to be living art, but they transferred that grace into becoming skilled combatants. Their oddly shaped, frilled skulls and slitted eyes, give them an odd, alien appearance. But even more than their odd heads, their four forearms distinguish them from other races. The Ay’Hyran are on average, 5’2"-5’8" and are very slender weighing around 100 lbs.

The Ay’Hyran have skin that ranges in color from gray, to light blue, Yellow or gray eyes, and are completely hairless. The Ay’hyran tend to wear flowing clothing with exotic cuts.

The Ay’hyran grace is not lost outside of combat, they are still skilled dancers, and very social. Their social grace, when combined with their ruthlessness makes them very capable spies and assassins. The Ay’hyran believe that the key to overcoming adversity is adaptability, go around what you cannot overcome.

Ay’Hyran Names The Ay’Hyran naming convention is a little different. First comes the Surname, then the given name. If the Ay’hyran is a noble the name is preceeded by “Kal” So the noble Eris of the house Thela would be known as “Kal’Thela Eris”
Surnames: Physadelia, Thylies, Thela, Meris, Rhanis, Syrianix, Nasiphe, Klytie, Menodice
Given Names: Alacine, Akraia, Eris, Abalise, Inthe, Ilara, Oreil, Ushyl, Orice

Ay’Hyran Traits

Ability Score increase Your Dexterity score increases by 2.

Age Ay’Hyran Mature quickly, reaching adulthood by the age of 13 and live on average 70 years.

Alignment Ay’Hyran can be of any alignment but tend towards chaotic, firmly believing in strength through adaptability.

Size Ayhyran stand about 5’2"-5’8" and weigh around 100 pounds. You are a medium creature.

Speed Your base land speed is 30’

Dance of Battle attackers have disadvantage on opportunity attacks against you.

Four Handed Warrior Whenever you take an action to attack, if you have weapons in all four hands you may make an attack with the other three weapons as a bonus action. You do not add your strength or dex bonus to these attacks, and they all have disadvantage. In addition, because of the focus this flurry of attacks requires, you have disadvantage on perception checks until the end of your next turn.

Languages You can speak, read and write Common and Ay’Hyran.Ay’hyran is a soft and fluid language.

Subraces Choose from Zas’Hyran and Algh’Hyran


Ability Score Increase Your Intelligence score increases by 1

Tempo Your speed increases by 10 feet for the first round of combat.


Ability Score Increase Your Charisma Score increases by 1

Foe to friend You have advantage on persuasion checks against hostile creatures.


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