General Backgrounds

Cultist: Believers of one faith have little desire to associate with those who claim to know “the true faith” Apostates are outcasts, hermits, researchers, rebels, and disciples all in one.
Diplomat Diplomats are ambassadors to foreign nations, given powers by their home state to protect the interests of the state.
Slayer Slayers seek to excise the filth of heresy from the ranks of the church. Seeking out monsters and apostates hiding in plain sight within the normal throngs of daily life.
Bureaucrat Bureaucrats are the middle-men who keep the government running.
Prostitute: Prostitutes know that sex sells, money and secrets are part of the trade…


Riyasian The noble cast of Decia descended from invaders that came from across the sea 1000 years ago.
Deshtis The peasant caste of Decia, usually kept as serfs or slaves. Some areas of Decia are controlled by this caste, the nobility stays far from these lands.
Dusian The rebels from the Sakkada clan of Sul’Dusa still maintain vast tracts of land, even without support from the homeland. They’ve taken on many traits normally associated with Decia.


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