Schools of Magic

Nethermancy Spells Spell school

Sanguimancy Spell school

Class Options

Fireborn : Sorcerer class option

Fadeborn : Sorceror class option

Nethermancy School : Wizard class option

Sanguimancy School: WIzard class option

Oath of the Hospitaler Paladin class option

Oath of the Inquisition : Paladin class option

Circle of the Veil Druid class option

Pact of the Fadeborn : Warlock class option

Cavalry : Fighter class option

Path of the Mutant : Barbarian class option

Path of the Reaver : Barbarian class option

Dragon Shaman : Barbarian class option

Cold domain: Cleric class option

Time domain Cleric Class option

Ocean Domain: Cleric Class option

Full Classes

Noble a charismatic leader

Witch a Spiritual caster class

Battlemind a Psionic frontline warrior

Blood Hunter A hunter who uses his own life energy to slay dark foes.

Priest A holy spell caster

Warden A defender of nature

Runepriest A spellcaster who uses runes of Power


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