Draconic Soldiers

Dragonborn were created by the Devan to be soldiers in their war against the titans. Created as strong, loyal, fierce, and brave creatures, using draconic bloodlines to augment their combat prowess, the devans did indeed create a race of warriors. But the Devan underestimated their creation’s strength and bravery, and over estimated their loyalty. in the end, the dragonborn rebelled against their masters, and most of the dragonborn were put down. a few survived in remote regions, and after millenia are just now starting to venture out in larger numbers.


Fairie Dragon

Dragonborn descended from fairie dragons tend towards being more relaxed and cunning than their true-dragon brethren. Many of the dragonborn exhibit a more mercurial, more deceptive bent. Tricksters bent on expressing creativity, usually at their companion’s expense.

Breath Weapon You exhale a cloud of multicolored gas at all enemies in a 15’ cone. Each enemy must make an Intelligence save (DC = 8+con+proficiency bonus). Failure indicates that the affected creature is confused for one round. it cannot take reactions, and must roll a d6 on its turn

1-4 Cannot take any action and must move in a random direction
5-6 Cannot take any action

Magic Resistance You have advantage on sving throws against enchantment and illusion spells and spell like abilities.


Dragonborn descended from Raveners are truly destructive. Malevolent forces of nature seeking to corrupt and slay all living creatures they see. The raveners are the most evil of the dragonborn, said to be directly spawned from tiamat.

Breath Weapon 2d6 Necrotic damage 15’ cone increases as dragonborn

Damage Resistance Resistance to Necrotic energy

Eternal Dragon

Eternal dragons are the most righteous dragonborn. destined to help purify the world of all corrupting influences.. they particularly despise undead and evil dragons. Eternal dragons are said to be descended from the spirits of great good dragons.

Breath Weapon 2d6 Radiant damage 15’ cone increase as dragonborn

Damage Resistance Resistance to Radiant energy


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