Grimchill is one of the largest towns in Felmouth. It was once home to a cult of The Crawling Rage. Grimchill is one of the oldest cities and is currently in a state of decline. The industry in the region is in direct competition with Ashtonshire. The Church strains to hold onto its position here. The Inquisitors are attempting to move in under the guise of a resurgence of Apostasy. In addition to failing industry, and a population in decline, a series of monster attacks has left a number of livestock dead.

Population 3934 citizens (80% human) (10% dwarf) (8% Halfling) (2% other)
Location: West of the Grimchill Swamp east of the Woods of Ghal, northeast of Stagg Hills
Industry: Plenty of hunting and fishing in the swamp to the east. Alligator meat and skins, even giant snakeskins, both used by tanners to make resilient armor. Trappers also target the beavers in the waterways for their pelts. Logging in the woods to the west brings in plenty of wood. Southwest of the town, the hills are dotted with pastures for sheep. Wool is a big industry in Grimchill


Mayor: Garult Drakemoor

Religion: The Silent Verdict

Town Guard: 133 men, mostly sheriff’s deputies, and 10 members of the The Dawnbringers


Inn: Wolf Fang Lodge

Smithy: Darkwater Armory

Scribe: The Dusty Scroll

Alchemist: The Murky Flask

Church: The High Judiciary

Other Locations of Note

Expedition Shipping Company

The Mansion of Amantidies

Heretic Tower


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