Honor Cards

You are granted an Honor card for finishing your character background, and for putting a character on OP. You get an additional card every time you level, but ONLY if you update your sheet on OP. You are granted an Honor card for every session you attend, and finally, you are given cards by other players.

For each session that you avoid a 5 minute workday, you get an Honor Card.

At the end of every session, each player selects a number of other players and rewards them an honor card for certain behaviors and actions during the game. The categories are

  • Best roleplaying
  • Best plan
  • Best improvisation
  • Most clutch
  • Bravest action
  • Most Time efficient (plan before your turn people)
  • Best support
  • Saddest Trombone

You may select only a certain number of categories based on how many players participated in the adventure you can pick the same category for multiple people. 6 players= 4 categories, 5 players =3 categories, 4 players = 2 categories. In addition, the players vote for an MVP. You cast this vote for any reason, and whoever wins the vote gets two Honor cards.

You can spend these Honor Cards on a variety of things at any appropriate time.

  • Inspiration: 1 Honor cards
  • Plot Point: 10 Honor cards
  • Additional use of short rest ability (or 3 Ki points or 2 short rest spells): 3 Honor cards
  • Additional use of long rest ability (or 3 spells, or all short rest spells): 7 Honor cards
  • Suggest adventure: 6 Honor cards
  • Second Wind: 3 Honor cards (spend a hit die and regain hp = hd+ con modifier. Or 1/4 of max hp whichever is higher Use this as a bonus action)
  • Ability boost: 8 Honor cards (Pick an ability score. Gain advantage on checks and saving rolls using that ability for 1 day.)

Honor Cards

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