Howl of the Banshee Player's Guide


Howl of the Banshee: Players Guide

It is dark in Felmouth, where great evil stalks in the shadows. So dark indeed, that many who live within its borders are trapped. Knowing all too well that the dangers that prowl the night will destroy them if given a chance. Escape is next to impossible because outside of the shadowy illumination cast by campfire and torchlight are ancient horrors that rend flesh and tear mind. The people of Felmouth constantly fight for survival against these evils, rooting out the killers in their midst. All the while, a cold wind shrieks down from the mountains that surround the great bog. People whisper, behind locked, barred, and shuttered doors, that the wind is the last thing heard before your life is snuffed out.

The Horrors visited upon the people of Felmouth demand heroes of strong body, and even stronger mind. Can you survive the evils of this dark land? When your body is wracked with pain, and your mind is broken in fear you too shall know the suffering of the people of Felmouth.



Felmouth is essentially a massive valley, ringed by the Rockskild Mountains. On the western edge of the valley is the Woods of Ghal, on the eastearn edge is the Grimbog, a massive peat bog comprising nearly 70% of Felmouth’s land area. To the north, at the foot of the Rockskilds, is the Helgirde ridge.


Natural areas

Direwood A dark wood in the Grimbog. The thickest forest in Felmouth.
Crystal Lake A mysterious lake at the foot of the Rockskild mountains. Young people venturing into the forest surrounding it disappear constantly.
Wretched Thicket A great forest surrounding Ravenborough. Was once the site of countless battles and now said to house the bones of innumerable dead.
Helgird Ridge A significant ridge on the northern part of the valley. The people who live in this region behave very differently than the other inhabitants of Felmouth.
The Pale Wastes The eastern tip of the Grimbog. The vegetation becomes sparse and the land is covered in a flat, gray mud. The only real feature is the ebon tower in its center.
The Mire The most difficult swamp to traverse in all of Felmouth. The mire has shifting islands, ever-changing waterways, and is a maze of quicksand and thickets.


Kilwich a town at the north western edge of Felmouth. It acts as the gateway to Sul’Dusa through the Rockskild mountains.
Ashtonshire Located in the middle of the woods of Ghal, Asthonshire is the home of The Messengers. This town has been a hotbed of rebel activity, owing to its renegade heritage.
Twin Peaks Located high up the side of two mountains, twin peaks is… weird. Isolated to such a degree that the customs of the town are almost completely different from the reset of felmouth. Some even say that the people of twin peaks follow a different religion…
Grimchill A town in north central Felmouth. Has a fairly devout population, but something sinister hides within this town.
Graveholm A town south of the Direwood. Home to the Wizards of the Tome of Dawn.
Ravenborough Home of the Slayers and the largest city in Felmouth.
Miserthold The inquisitors make their home here, and it is said that Miserthold is the purest town in Felmouth.
Nightport In the western edge of the mire, Nightport has made a name for itself as a haven for criminals.
Elden A dwarven town on the western end of the Rockskilde ring and home to the Stonehewers
Moonfell A Halfling Community in the Direwood. Has a sizable community of wood elves
Ebonwind Garde Home to the The Church. Ebonwind Garde is the greatest castle in Felmouth. This fortress has a reputation as impregnable.


Thornhelm Tower
The Plagueyard
The Black Hill Cemetary
Ashvale Necropolis
Armford Manor
Cricax Grotto
The Forbidden Den
The Ghost Mast
The Ebon Spike a great tower, In the center of the Pale Wastes
Village of Dusk (abandoned town)
The Vault
Graveworth Prison


341: a demon Prince named Kathral arrived from Kontaurus. He modified the Ebon Spike so that it emitted corrupting energy. This warped humans and animals into monsters that rampaged across the land. Eventually Kathral was banished, but his work remained.

385: the first grand inquisition was started when suspicion between communities boiled over into full blown panic. Most cities crumbled in the riots. The inquisition restored order by issuing death warrants for thousands of suspected monsters. Many small inquisitions continue to this day.

557: Dahciel started the silent verdict after fighting and destroying a cult that was created to resurrect Kathral. They managed to open a rift before being destroyed.

802: The Crawling Rage first appeared, sending swarms of vermin into the region.

810: The second grand inquisition commenced after a charge of subornation of sanguimancy was leveled at the then supreme judge Purify Bayle. The ensuing purge ended the lives of hundreds of judges and thousands of civilians. Due to this inquisition, The tome of wizardry split into the tome of Dawn and the tome of Dusk. With dusk wizards fleeing into the wilderness. They were lead by a necromancer named Wulen Hexrig.

965: The great dark. A month without light plunged Felmouth into chaos. Monsters ran rampant and the Slayers were created to combat the burgeoning monster population.

1071: The Ebon Moon: A black moon appeared in the sky… The messengers were created. A band of reliable, brave and quick witted individuals who could brave the wilds of Felmouth

1100: The Dusk Rebellion. Wizards of the tome of Dusk rebelled. Unleashing chaos upon Felmouth. Hundreds died, and as a result of the failed rebellion, wizards were hunted nearly to extinction. It is said that the rebellion was lead by wulen hexrig herself.

1181 (current) : The Third Grand Inquisition. Lead by Timal Juris


The Silent Verdict


Banshee. Barghest. Church Grim. Devils. Dullahan. Evil Fey. Gargoyles. Ghosts. Gwyllgi. Hags. Herne The Hunter. Lycanthropes. Nuckelavee. Undead. Vampires. Vermin. Wolves. Worm that walks.

Character Creation Guide

This section contains the rules for PC creation. The races and classes listed are the only ones available to play. However, you can use any background available in the PHB (that make sense). Feats are now allowed, and certain classes have been modified for play in a horror campaign. Please keep in mind that the setting is HORROR. Anything that prevents fear and/or madness effects will be replaced. if one of the options you wish to use employs one of these features do not hesitate to speak with me we will find a suitable alternative to the feature. Please read the following carefully

You will be starting play in Grimchill.


You will be starting at 3rd level.

Ability Scores

Players have an ability score array of 15,15,14,13,12,10,8. Yes, you read that right. In addition to the normal 6 ability scores for DND i have added a 7th. Sanity. I’ve taken sanity from Troubled Minds

The fear, horror, and madness rules from this will be in effect.


As this is a horror campaign you will not be evil.

Player Races

Dwarf: The Dwarves of Felmouth live in the Rockskilde mountains. They try to avoid the interior for fear of the Banshee. A relatively large population has moved into Ravenborough but the largest Dwarven town is Elden in the West.

Halfling: Halflings are scattered around Felmouth in small communities. The only halfling town is Moonfell

Human: Humans make up the majority of the population of Felmouth. You may take the variant human if you so desire.

Wood elf: Wood elves tend to live in towns in the woods of Ghal, but some communities have popped up in Moonfell and Ravenborough.


Barbarian: The men of the wilds are fierce and devastating. They protect the wilderness from the corruption of the Fel energies. They rarely venture into towns, instead prowling the wilderness with the monsters they stalk. Reavers from the Helgird Region are twisted barbarians who seek to bring the corruption of the fel to the people of Felmouth

Blood Hunter: Blood hunters are inquisitors and slayers. Seeking to root out and destroy the darkness that hides itself from the light. These brave men and women are not loved, as they often come to resemble the monsters that they hunt.

Cleric: Clerics of the silent verdict are the judges of Felmouth. Responsible for upholding the law to the exclusion of all else. These judges are almost universally lawful neutral. The available domains for clerics are Law Domain Light, Life, Knowledge, protection, and warclerics of the grave are not members of the silent verdict, but wielders of Fel power.

Fighter: Warriors of Felmouth are a diverse lot. Most see action as town guards, but still others work for the inquisition as soldiers, or the Slayers as monster hunters, and some have joined the Dawnbringers, intent on spreading their religion through force.

Monk: there are three monasteries in Felmouth Ironguard which studies the way of the four elements, Obsidian Keep which follows the way of shadow, and the Ethereal Lotus with their way of the open hand tradition.

Paladin: Paladins of the silent verdict are the warrior order of the religion, they act as jailers (Oath of conquest from the UA) and executioners (Oath of vengeance) paladins get Word of Honor instead of aura of courage at 10th level.

Ranger: The woodsmen of Felmouth are known for their bravery and skill. Stalkers, hunters, and trappers, these men and women are consummate survivors and eschew the safety of the towns to hunt as destroy the monsters that prowl in the darkness Most Rangers come from either Grimchill or Ashtonshire. We shall use the UA ranger for this campaign.

Rogue: Nightport is a common origin for Thieves and Arcane Tricksters. If you can make it there without getting your throat cut you should be fine elsewhere in Felmouth. Assassins who work for the Silent verdict often join the Inquisition and work as witch hunters.

Sorcerer: Favored soul Sorcerers often find themselves working for the Church as judges. Dwarven Stonebloods are revered as ancestor spirits. Wild Mages are often forced to live outside the safety of the towns, their magic is poorly understood and ignorance leads to fear. Dragonblood mages tend to live as hermits in the Rockskild mountains.

Warlock: Those who seek great power from dark or evil spirits have earned a sinister reputation here in Felmouth. Since demons are hated and despised by the Silent Verdict, anyone caught making a deal with one is sought after and destroyed. Great old one and Fiend patronees are exterminated on sight, archfey warlocks might survive, but it’s generally hard to explain the subtle differences when someone is trying to kill you.

WItch: Witches are generally reviled in Felmouth. They are hunted (alongside warlocks) by Inquisitors at every opportunity. Occasional witch hunts are carried out throughout the region, and as such most witches stick to the wilderness. Occasionally, a small town till take in a hedge witch, seeing her value as a healer. These towns take a great risk harbouring witches, and many town leaders have been burned alongside the witch they sought to protect.

Wizard: Wielders of strange power, wizards are often feared. There are two factions of arcanum. Tome of Dawn, which consists of wizards of the abjuration, conjuration, divination, evocation, and transmutation schools. And the nefarious Tome of Dusk which consists of wizards of the schools of Sanguimancy, Nethermancy illusion, necromancy, enchantment. Dawn wizards are mostly accepted by their neighbors, but there is always the threat that should they even give the barest hint of being a dusk wizard, the inquisition will be upon them.


You must have membership in one of the following guilds. You do not need to take the suggested background. But it is an option available to you.

The Slayers- A guild that is contracted by towns and villages across Felmouth to fight individual monsters that may be causing a problem.

The Church – The church of the verdict seeks to guide and shape the people of Felmouth through righteousness and purity.

The Inquisitors – A branch of the church tasked with guarding the purity of the worshippers of the Verdict.

The Dawnbringers – A militant cult that seeks to spread the Verdict to everyone outside of Felmouth.

The Messengers – A guild that is hired to traverse the wilds of Felmouth, with the aim of keeping the people of Felmouth connected.

The Stonehewers – A Dwarven Brotherhood that seeks to elevate the Dwarven people.

Metagame Information

Hit Points For this campaign, we will be using the Healers kit dependency, and slow natural healing.What this means is that you need to use a healer’s kit to spend healing surges, slow natural healing means you need to spend hit dice during a long or short rest to recover hp, you don’t regain full hp during the night. Short rests are 8 hours long rests are 24 hours. You recover half of your HD (rounded up) after a long rest

Flanking. Since flanking is an optional rule and it steps on several core rules like, Helping, I have decided to forgo flanking for this campaign. This might change.

Death As this is a horror campaign, the threat of death will be high. Therefore, there will be only one death saving throw. You will get this save A full turn after you go down. Allowing rescuers 1 turn to save your life. In addition, monsters WILL try to kill you. Continuing to attack you after you reach 0 HP

Feats We will be using feats for this campaign if you so choose.

Honor Cards For this campaign we’ll be using Honor Cards with a slight modification. Because of the extreme chance of pc death hero points will be refunded on death.

Leveling We will be using a “Milestone” leveling system rather than an XP based one to help encourage the idea that fighting is not always going to be the best survival mechanism. Basically, every 3 adventures gets you another level. Missing a session will merely cost you an Honor card, not a level.

Howl of the Banshee Player's Guide

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