The Continent of Aifaxira


Decia is a land invaded. The peaceful Destish lost control of their land a millennia ago. And since then the country has been wracked by civil war, religious war, and invasion. Five wars have created a nation of political sabotage, intrigue, and strife. Three major factions strive for control of the nation, the Destish, the Riyas, and the Sulians. Keep from becoming trapped and destroyed by the multitude of enemies, and remember to keep an eye on even your friends.

Player’s Guide The Drums of Five Wars Player’s Guide


Tyrstagg is the Land of Jotnar, great, old growth forests, fjords, glaciers, mountains, and linnorms. The humans who have recently claimed some small areas are surrounded by dangerous wilderness. Small settlements dot the rivers and fjords. The wilds surrounding them are rich with natural resources.

Player’s Guide The Frostmarch Player’s Guide


It is dark in Felmouth, where great evil stalks in the shadows. So dark indeed, that many who live within its borders are trapped. Knowing all too well that the dangers that prowl the night will destroy them if given a chance. Escape is next to impossible, because outside of the shadowy illumination cast by campfire and torchlight are ancient horrors that rend flesh and tear mind. The people of Felmouth constantly fight for survival against these evils, rooting out the killers in their midst. All the while, a cold wind shrieks down from the mountains that surround the great bog. People whisper, behind locked, barred, and shuttered doors, that the wind is the last thing heard before your life is snuffed out.

Player’s GuideHowl of the Banshee Player’s Guide


Uscor, land of the ancients, is a scarred, mountainous realm. Most of the races that live here experiment with magic and technology. The most populous of the races are the goblins, who, while not exploding themselves, like to explore the vast cavern complexes, and ancient Devan ruins. Great troves of devan technology are said to be hidden within these ruins, they are guarded by golems and ancient magical traps. Storms of wild magic rampage across the mountains. birthing elementals and generally causing havoc.

Player’s Guide Mechanical Legacy Player’s Guide

Sul’ Dusa

Spirits, wild beasts, and war, Sul’Dusa is a nation marked by great internal conflict. War exists between men and beast, between men and spirits, and between the clans. These clans have fought like this for generations, bickering over small pieces of territory, while the spirits encroached from the veil. Sul’Dusa is a dangerous place, threats abound from the wilds, from the spirits of the veil, and from other men.

Player’s Guide Spirits of Sul’Dusa Player’s Guide

The Rain Archipelago

Ancient beasts and primal peoples abound in the rain archipelago. The inhabitants trapped long ago by a great maelstrom that swirls around the islands, cutting off its inhabitants from the mainland and locking the islands in time. Survival on these sweltering jungle islands is challenging, due mostly to the great beasts, but also due to raids by various rival tribes and Decian would-be conquerors. Some say there is an ancient magic locked deep within the jungle, hidden by the flora, and protected by dangers unknown.

Player’s Guide Behemoths of the Old World Player’s Guide

The Continent of Niavrezios


The Northern land of Oskril has been divided by the gods. Nine deities feud amongst themselves. Each desiring position within the pantheon. The nine also war against the 3 infernal warlords, demon lords of great power. The people of Oskril are utterly devoted to their gods and live in servitude to them. Some, however, whisper of atheists, dedicated to the destruction of the nine churches that structure society.

Player’s Guide Dominion Player’s Guide


Igea is the land of mountains and fire

Player’s Guide Legions of Flame Player’s Guide


The Greenskins of Eblor have lived in peace and harmony with the natural world for millennia. a few centuries ago, however, the humans came. At first, they merely intruded on the ancestral lands of the greenskins. However, over the centuries trade and neighborly courtesy became greed and conquest. The Humans have steadily pushed west and north, slowly driving the native peoples into the frozen wastes of the north. Recently a great shaman has called for war. the Green peoples of Eblor are going to war.

Player’s Guide Kings of the North Player’s Guide

The Continent of Alporth


Astesh is a desert land, and a realm of two kingdoms. Astesh is the surface realm, a kingdom of sun, ancient gods and myth. Gara Talik is the underworld, supposedly the realm of the dead. Dark, brutal cultures house in the dark caverns beneath Astesh, but even in the bright sun, priests and politicians play games with the lives of thousands. A bitter struggle between the realms has been fought for thousands of years, but hidden from the people of Astesh. The time has come…

Player’s Guide The Land of Life and Death Player’s Guide


A land of mysticism and prophecy, where the warlords of the east vie for prestige and dominion. The men are pawns of 5 elder dragons playing a great game of nations. Laolong (tiger dragon), the vicious hunter of the dark forest. Zibei (purple back), prowler of the arid plains. Anfu (shore belly), ruler of the waves and rivers of the south. Dalong (rat dragon),
skittering manipulator in the swamp. And Hongya (red teeth), the seething fury of the mountains.

Player’s Guide Dragons of Heaven


Vlolk is a land in the grip of elven tyranny. In the capital city, Vlolka, there is no divine magic. the arcane casters in the Grip of Dal enforce the law. Punishing even the smallest infractions with death. An oligarchy known as the Voice of Dal rules the city from The Spire. Outside the city, even the air is toxic, but the walls surrounding the city serve to keep its populace in, as much to keep the monsters and terrors of the waste out.

Player’s Guide City of Night Player’s Guide


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