Spirits of Sul'Dusa Player's Guide

The nation of Sul’ Dusa is a vast wilderness which is home to nomadic humanoids, wild beasts, and angry spirits. The Politics of the clans, leads to a constant state of internal strife and bickering. Border skirmishes constantly break out, shattering the fragile peace. Meanwhile the spirits are becoming more wild, some have taken to rampaging across the land.

History of Sul’Dusa

Suldusa was created by the druid Elspa. He founded the Sakkada clan to settle the region and worship the spirits around the Tear. The Sakkadan clan split several times to become the Al’Aitsali and Jal’erran clans. Internecine fighting between clans has lead to many feuds and skirmishes.

About a two centuries ago, the Sakkada clan chief was convinced by his shamans that he should invade Decia because of the great rift, which recently formed in the sky, heralding the return of the totems. His wise-ones saw the rift as a sign to expand. And he complied. After the battle of Alciedore a few thousand soldier converted to a new religion. And a few years ago, the current clan leader converted, leading to mass conversions, and even some forced conversions. Practitioners of the old ways are being targeted within the Sakkada clan.

The religious tension is also adding fuel to the normal border arguments between Al’aitsu and Sakkada.


Sakkada: the oldest clan in Sul’Dusa. Follows the Star of the Totem, and pursues strength and ferocity through the body, and through instinct.

Jal’erra: the youngest of the clans. Follows a rigid code of law, pursues valor through code of chivalry and honor. Known for arcane power and rigid codes of conduct.

Al’aitsu: second oldest of the clans, reveres death, and ancestors. most follow The Old Ways. Pursues power through death.


Sall Riverlands The river system in the center of Sul’Dusa. The region surrounds the tear.

Ravencrags The eastern mountain range, home to the Jal’erra clan.

Skyrg Arborlands The northern old growth forest. Home to the Sakkada clan.

Dawnfall Keep

The Drench The southern jungle and swamp. A dark, gloomy, rain drenched territory. Home to the Al’aitsu clan.

The Blister An ancient caldera, home to a devan town.

Carris’ Pickett Al’aitsu capital encampment

Starhaven the Sakkada capital encampment.

Kite’s Nest the Jal’erra capital encampment.

Hell Raven’s Encampment permanent settlement at the northern edge of the drench.

The Tear spatial thinness in Sul’Dusa

Leah’s Grotto spirit cave in the center of the tear.

Tourmaline Spike a mysterious tower deep in the ravencrags


Ay’hyran The Ay’hyran are the largest group of monks and wizards within Jal’erran society. The population of Ay’hyran is small and most belong to the Darkeye Tribe but despite their small numbers, they have a lot of influence over Jal’erran society. Some leave the clan and join the arcane tricksters in Dawnfall Keep

Dragonborn The Jal’erran Dragonborn of the Brightscale Tribe are the guards and knights of the clan’s military arm. Those of the Lightscale Tribe are the monks and religious officials of the clan. In addition, some become dragon shaman barbarians, and others become dragonblooded sorcerers. In Sakkada, the physical might of the dragonborn grants them positions of prestige. Most Sakkada dragonborn are from the Mightscale Tribe

Devan 100 years ago the Devan suddenly returned to the world, appearing overnight. Most Devan keep to themselves, and refuse to associate with the clans. These neutral people have created communities outside of Sul’dusan control within Sul’dusan territory. These pockets of Devan control have created a lot of animosity with local residents. Some disputes over territory have erupted over recent years, becoming incredibly heated. Despite these arguments the Devan tend to act as merchants and diplomats because of their neutrality.

Evar The Evar are members of the Wrathshield Tribe and are the second largest population in the Jal’erra clan. This population is the lawbringer segment of the society, forming the heart of the guards, and military that protects the clan and its interests.

Elf In the Al’aitsu clan, elves are either members of the Death Guide Tribe, or the Mirewood Tribe. Both tribes have witches but the death guide tribe has more assassins. In the Sakkada clan, elves belong to the Oaktower Tribe and are the largest segment of the population. Most Sakkada elves are rangers or druids.

Goblin Al’aitsu goblins are members of the Gravebog Tribe. A group of trickster thieves, the Gravebog goblins are the reason it’s dangerous to go alone in the swamp. These goblins are slightly larger than their Jal’erra cousins. In Jal’erra, goblins are more chaotic, and prone to early death. but thankfully they reproduce quickly. The Landslide Warren Tribe is generally seen as a nuisance.

Harpy The harpies of the Al’aitsu clan are generally outcasts. Some harpy witches manage to rise to prominence as swamp mistresses. Harpies which usually join bands for hunting and mating, but will be recluses if they become witches. A single harpy can easily control an entire bog by herself.

Human Humans form the backbone of all the clans.

Kenku Kenku hail from the Ebontalon tribe of the Al’aitsu clan. They work as thieves, assassins, and spies. infiltrating the other clans posing as roving merchants. Kenku are generally untrustworthy, as even ones that arent out to kill you are probably going to steal from you.

Merfolk The merfolk of Sakkada live in the Sall riverlands. They generally act as guides. But can be rangers, wizards, and even warriors. especially if they act as guards for the many merchants that travel the rivers. The merfolk are pretty separate from the rest of the clan with their own power structure. In fact, the Silt-gill Tribe is almost its own entity.

Minotaur The minotaurs of the Sakkada clan live on the northern edge of the Skyrg Arborlands. Members of the nomadic Bladehorn Tribe live as barbarians, druids, warriors, and occasionally rangers. They are generally the strongest members of the clan. They generally live peaceful lives, following herds of Dagru.

Ork Orks live in small communities within each clan. Usually as berserkers, warriors, or shaman.


Barbarian: Barbarians are the Dog soldiers of Sul’dusa. Berserkers hail from the Al’aitsu and Sakkada clans, Totem warriors embody the spirits of their new religion and come from Sakkada and Dragon Shamans come from the Jal’erra clan.

Bard: Bards are the storytellers, history keepers, and wise ones of Sul’dusan society. Bards of the college of valor lead their men into battle telling stories of the great braves of the past. Lore bards keep the history of the tribe from falling from memory. Most bards are orators, and none play metal instruments. common instruments are the drums, and woodwind instruments.

Druid: Druids have a long history in the wilds of Sul’dusa, Circle of the land druids act as tribal guardians, while circle of the moon druids tend towards hermitage, and protecting the wild areas. Circle of the veil druids are always from the Sakkada clan, and act as its religious leaders. Al’aitsu has few druids, Instead preferring the tradition of witches.

Fighter: The strongest, and most well trained warriors of each tribe are called “Braves”. These warriors lay their lives on the line for their tribe’s protection and interests. Eldritch knights are a martial arm of the arcane colleges of the Jal’erra clan, whereas Champions and Warmasters come from the Al’aitsu clan. Sakkadan warriors prefer to be trained in the ways of the barbarian.

Monk: shadow monks reside with the Ebontalon tribe of the Al’aitsu while martial artists and elemental monks train at the Stoneheart Monastery in Jal’erra territory

The Noble: Chiefs are the political and military leaders, of individual tribes. For most tribes the position is one given to the best tactician. But other tribes use an inherited model. Many chiefs take an apprenticeship model.

Ranger: Hunters that stalk the wild places of Sul’dusa. Scouting for their tribes, and gathering food, making maps, and tracking the wild animals that the tribes hunt. Many beast master rangers are from the Sakkada clan.

Rogue: Assassins hail from the Al’aitsu clan, specifically the Ebontalon Tribe. Arcane tricksters hone their craft in Dawnfall Keep. Even though the tricksters are firmly within Jal’erra territory they harbor thieves, and are considered to be unaligned with the clans.

Sorcerer: Sorcerers are increasingly rare in Sul’dusa. And when one is found he or she is often driven out by fearful neighbors, except in Draconic sorcerers in dragonborn tribes that are within Jal’erra territory. Sorcerers have been branded “Spirit-hexed” and are considered to be evil, and a source of bad charms. Wildblood sorcerers are more accepted by Sakkadan society.

Warlock: Fiend warlocks come from the Al’aitsu clan. Archfey and Great Old One warlocks tend to be unaligned with clans. Outside of the Al’aitsu clan, warlocks are generally feared and mistrusted.

Witch: Witches are the spiritual leaders of the Al’aitsu tribe. Practicing the old ways empowers the witch, and spirits grant her magical abilities.

Wizard: Wizards are referred to as “Shaman” in the Sakkada clan, and tend towards the conjuration and transmutation schools. Wizards from Jal’erra are abjuration and divination specialists, and the Al’aitsu clan is the only place for Necromancy and Sanguimancywizards to find refuge.


Occult: your intelligence (Occult) check allows you to recall information about the Veil, psychic power, and spirits.


The Old Ways Ancient animistic religion based on the worship of spiritual entities. Mostly worshipped by Al’aitsu

Star of the Totem Sakkadan religion based on totem animals.


Achiyalatopa The bird monster has celestial powers, and possesses feathers made of stone knives, which it throws at objects.

Aglebemu Giant Evil bullfrog (gitrekt monster)

Ani Hyuntikwalaski Storm Spirits (thunderers)

Apotamkin Giant Sea Serpent, eats people

Atshen supernatural spirit that eats people

Baykok “Death”, unnatural shrieks, flies through the air and kills people. extremely emaciated skeleton-like figure, with thin translucent skin and glowing red points for eyes

Big Foot

Chickcharney 3foot tall ugly, furry ground bird “if a traveler meets a chickcharney and treats it well, he or she will be rewarded with good luck. But, treating a chickcharney badly will result in bad luck and hard times.”

Chihalenchi Cannibal Giant

Dakwa Man eating fish

Feathered Serpent

Gaasyendietha Meteor Dragon. Lives in rivers and lakes

Gici Awas Great hairless stiff legged bear

Hadnii Mangaa – rock monster responsible for disappearances.

Haietlik Lightning Snake

Keelut evil spirit who resembles a hairless dog. It is said to feast upon the dead, and is sometimes seen as a harbinger of death. Having hair only on its feet, the tracks of the Keelut are said to disappear, giving those the creature stalks no warning of its presence

Kokopelli Trickster Spirit

Olgoi Khorkhoi

Pamola This monster has the head of a moose, the body of a man and the wings and feet of an eagle. Spirit protector of a Mountain.

Piasa Manticore bird spirit. Very Evil.

Pukwudgie Small troll humans they can appear and disappear at will, they can transform into a walking porcupine (it looks like a porcupine from the back, and the front is half-troll[clarification needed], half-human and walks upright), they can attack people and lure them to their deaths, they are able to use magic, they have poison arrows, they can create fire at will,Pukwudgies control Tei-Pai-Wankas which are believed to be the souls of people they have killed.

Tsul ’Kalu Slant eyed giant

Water Panther


Yast Melkhii Dragon turtle with giant stone slab on back

XP reward cards

Best RP moment, Best plan, Most clutch moment

Spirits of Sul'Dusa Player's Guide

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