Star of the Totem

The star of the Totem is a relatively young religion created more than a century and a half ago when the Sakkada clan won a major battle under an auspicious sign.

The night before the battle of Alciediore, it is said that a star was born, flashing into existence as a dog soldier captured an eagle for a pet. The soldier let the eagle go, and it spoke to him, showing him a hidden way into the city.

He told his commanders about the secret, and was allowed to lead the attack. The city fell in a day. Ending the war. And starting more than a century and a half of occupation by Sul’Dusa. Many soldiers converted over time to the new religion hoping to gain insight into masters of war. Others going to curry favor with the military cult. Eventually generals adopted the religion to keep control over their men. Recently the chief of the Sakkada clan, Yesu Qadun converted to cement his control of the clan. This has lead to mass conversions. In addition it has lead to persecution of followers of The Old Ways

The religion is founded upon the existence of 11 totem animals. Spirits that counsel, advise, protect, and lead their followers. Druidic magic and teachings are integral to the religion, many religious leaders are Circle of the Veil druids.

Star of the Totem

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