Sul' Dusa

The nation of Sul’Dusa is in reality a vast expanse of wilderness. Populated by clans of humanoids that live, by and large, as nomads. The untouched wilds of Sul’Dusa support an extensive ecosystem of animals and monsters, with terrain consisting of dark swamps to the south, old growth forests to the north, and cold, steep, Rocky mountains to the west, and a central river system which flows down from the mountains.

Geographically, Sul’Dusa is northwest of Decia, and is bordered by the Andravan Ocean on the west, and the Verriki inland Sea on the east. The vast frozen wilderness of Yrstagg is to the north.

Of special note is Sul’Dusa’s proximity to the Tear, a rip in the world that leads through the Veil. The veil is the world of the spirits. This proximity means that spirits physically roam the country, occasionally even interacting with the population.

Politically, Sul’Dusa has invaded Decia repeatedly, and recently occupied the nation for more than a century. Its influence extends around the Verriki to Felmouth, on the other side of the sea. Internally, Sul’Dusa is divided into three clans, Sakkada, Jal’erra Al’aitsu and among two major religions.

The Old Ways are the ancient and revered practices of the ancient Sul’Dusa. A reverence of spirits and nature deeply rooted in the traditions of the inhabitants. However, a new religion, Star of the Totem created when Sul’Dusa invaded Decia has recently gained political favor in the Sakkada clan when the chief converted to cement his control over a region.

Sul’Dusa is home to a variety of monsters, including Couatl, flying heads, giant serpents, chimera, bulette, displacer beasts, Dryads, stiff legged bears, trolls, stirge, twig blights, mantids, centaur and Lesser Spirits

Sul' Dusa

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