The Drums of Five Wars Player's Guide

The Drums of Five Wars Player’s Guide

Decia has suffered through many invasions. First by the Deshti, who displaced the nomadic indigenous people. Then by the Riyas, who came from across the sea a thousand years ago. And most recently by the Sulians, who came from Sul’Dusa two hundred years ago. As such it has become an amalgam of cultures and religions. Three major factions vie for power within the nation. A fragile peace has descended recently, but it can be broken with only a single shot.


Leios Scrublands: the northern arid Savannah. Is the regional seat of power for the Sulians.

The Whispering Mountains: the central mountains

The Murici barrens: the eastern desert and the provincial home of the Deshti people.

Neros bog: the western swamp

Kerias: the southern Plains and seat of power for the Riyas.


~-2300: the indigenous people it’d the region are displaced by the Deshti. Who adopt a nomadic lifestyle much like their predecessors.

66: the Riyas invade. A collection of humans, High elves, Evar come in massive ships from somewhere on the other side of the great ocean. The ensuing war for supremacy takes a century and laces the land scarred.

968: Sakkadans from Sul’dusa invade. Winning the war and becoming the ruling class

1071: the black moon appeared in the sky and devan settlements appeared virtually over night. Many skirmishes were fought with these survivors.

1117: the Sulians broke ties with Sul’dusa, refusing to pay taxes and protection to their mother country.

1126: the Sulians were deposed by the Riyas Faction in a bloody coup. By a young ruler from Abbraxio, Feo de Abbraxio.

1175: Feo de Abbraxio died and was replaced by his son Baldassar.

1176: a revolt lead by Amat al-Tamini of the Deshti. The rebellion had some early success and the governor of Ribia was beheaded. But after a ten month war, al-Tamini was captured and executed.

1178: Baldassar is getting married to a princess from the city state of Santango,
Adrianna Viari, daughter of the high general Ico Viari. This marriage is supposed to cement de Abbraxio’s position as king.


The Sulians: The remnant of the invasion force from Sul’ Dusa. Mostly comprised of Sakkadan warriors. The sulians are now mostly a collection of warlords that control vast swathes of Leios. Their strength has protected them from being evicted from Decia entirely. And Feo de Abbraxio found it easier to work with them than against them. (I use the Aragonese name generator for Sulian names)

The Deshti: A collection of nomadic tribes that wander the desert. Their proclivity towards religious war has repeatedly put them at war with both the Sulians and the Riyas. Thankfully their warmongering is internal just as often as it is directed outwards. And the tribes fight each other. (I use the Moorish name generator for Deshti names)

The Riyas: The current ruling faction of Decia. The Riyas have split the country into zones controlled by the 6 confederated city-states. Ribia (theocratic), Alciediore(Ergatocratic), Abbraxio (plutocracy), Trojio (kleptocratic), Santango (Stratocratic), Vittonia (Kraterocratic).


Star of the Totem: The religion practiced by the Sulians. A totemic religion worshipping spirit animals. This religion has a great reverence for nature and the world of spirits.

Sar-tila: the religion practiced by the Deshti. A prophet wandering the desert was saved from death by divine intervention and taught the path to enlightenment. His path is the one true path. All other religions are false. Since the original inception of this religion, several schisms have occurred. Leading to fractures of their religious leadership, and continous internal strife.

The Pureblood Ghita: the monotheistic religion followed by the Riyas. Lead by the Bloodsworn, priests of high faith. They preach a life of piety to gain entrance to paradise. The religion has spawned a few militant orders. Their god, the Ghita gave them a series of books to exemplify the path to purity.

Character Creation Guide

This section contains the rules for PC creation. The races and classes listed are the only ones available to play (you can include half breed characters as well). However, you can use any background available in the PHB (that make sense).

Players will all be members of the Riyas faction. (You can play members of races that are not normally of the Riyas faction as long as you explain why the character is a Riyas) Serving as members of law enforcement, soldiers, bureaucrats, diplomats, nobles, etc. Swashbuckling adventure, duels, fighting with other factions, rebels. Dealing with high society will be the norm. Your wits, charisma, and intelligence will be tested.


You will be starting at level 5.

Starting gold

You will start with 600 gold, and a riding horse. Plus the starting equipment for your class and background.

Ability Scores

15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8. Is the starting array. Don’t forget your Ability score increase from your class.


Ay’hyran Most Ay’hyran are Deshti, but some families have given up their nomadic lifestyle to become Riyas. They are renowned merchants, thieves and spies. Usually, Riyas Ay’hyran hail from Trojio.

Aasimar. The births of angel blooded Aasimar are generally viewed as auspicious signs. Most join the Ghita as clergy or knights. No city state has more Aasimar than pious Ribia.

Evar One of the original Riyas races. Born for conquest. They lead the armies of the king as faithful soldiers and zealots knights. Any city-state may be the home of an Evar, but many come from Santango.

Devan the Devan are neutral to the factions for the most part. But their neutrality makes them excellent diplomats on behalf of the Riyas.

Dragonborn: the Dragonborn are Sulians. Those working for Riyas are converts, or slaves. In either instance they are superb combatants and serve either in militant orders or as armsmen for noble houses.

Elf High elves are Riyas, wood elves are Sulian, and Drow live in the whispering mountains outside of the factions.

Human: Humans have been part of every invasion force in Decia’s history. And as such can be a member of every faction.

Halfling Halflings are the remnants of the indigenous population that preceded the Deshti invasion. They have long since assimilated into Deshti culture. They wander the desert as nomads, like they did millennia ago.

Harpy Harpies were adopted by the Riyas. Some tribes were from the Deshti population and some came from Sul Dusa. Both populations dislike each other. They act as messengers for the Riyas.

Kenku Kenku are mostly members of the Sulians. But recently many have joined the Riyas when they recognized the direction the shinies were going.

Minotaur originally mostly deshti, many were enslaved over a thousand years ago by the Riyas. More recently the Riyas recognized the usefulness of the Taur and freed them. Now the Taur are allies. Some have returned to the Deshti. Others have chosen to wander the desert.

Ork Orks are Sulian warriors. Born for battle and the first to worship their totem animals. The spiritualist Orks have formed warbands and claimed territories for themselves in the Leios Savannah.

Ratfolk the Ratfolk wandered the swamp for millennia, living peacefully alongside the Deshti invaders. Eventually they formed strong alliances with the Deshti and many even joined their religion. Now many ratfolk work for the Riyas. Some as slaves, others as low level servants. Ratfolk tend to get the worst jobs in Riyas society.

Tiefling Deshti bards and wizards. Some even become priests. Tieflings are seen by many to be signs of the favor of the Tila and they are recognized to be enlightened individuals.


I will only be allowing classes and sub classes from the player’s handbook.and the sword coast adventurers guide. In addition, Add Pistols to the Rogue’s proficiency list

Knightly Orders

Church knights are members of the Pureblood Ghita, ranking churchmen granted the right to wage war on behalf of the mother church. They are usually nobles, or the sons of wealthy families. They join the ranks of the church in their early teens. Most orders focus on education, physical training, weapon training and tactics. Some of the orders include magical training.

Order of Skyth (Skythian Knights) from Ribia
Paladin, Oath of Vengeance, Oath of Devotion.
The Skythian Knights are the most pious order of the Church knights. Representing the very ideas of the Church in martial form. They are considered by many to be the premiere order. Most often being the first order into battle against heretics and non believers.

Order of Kesti (Kestian Knights) from Alciedore (This order is now defunct)
Oath of the Crown paladins
This order used to be devoted to protecting the rightful king. They were disbanded when the Sulians conquered Decia and not reestablished when the occupiers were defeated.

Order of Erandis (Erandian Knights) from Abbraxio
Purple Dragon Knights
The core of this order is a group of knights from each of the ruling families of Abbraxio. This is perhaps the richest of the orders. Using a higher proportion of paid mercenaries to supplement the relatively smaller band of knights.

Order of Selia (Selian Knights) from Trojio
Eldritch Knights
The order of Selia teaches their knights how to cast arcane spells by using mystic tutors. These tutors are usually, but not always Deshti. The order is generally mistrusted due to their Association with heretics

Order of Stragos (Stragonian Knights) from Santango
Battlemaster fighters
This order of knights is one of the larger orders. Accepting members from any class. And encouraging meritorious advancement. Combat experience and performance is preferred.

Order of Maris (MarIsian Knights) from Vittonia
Berserker Barbarians
This order is generally run by the biggest and strongest member. Frequent fights over control of the group erupt when one member shows weakness. This group tends to wear less armor and fly into rages.

Knight ranks:

Grand Marshal
Master and Commander
Seneschal ( Quartermaster, record keeper), Turcopolier(Leader of light Cavalry), Marshal (Cabinet member and Chain of Command)
Standard Bearer
Squire (this is technically not a Knight rank, but he ranks higher than a cadet)


I will only be allowing backgrounds from the player’s handbook and swords coast adventurers guide.


Renaissance Firearms and Explosives will be available for use in this campaign. in fact, most soldiers and knights will have access to them.

Metagame Information

Honor Cards For this campaign we’ll be using Honor Cards

Leveling We will be using a “Milestone” leveling system rather than an XP based one to help encourage the idea that fighting is not always going to be the best survival mechanism. Basically, every 3 adventures gets you another level. Missing a session will merely cost you an Honor card, not a level.

The Drums of Five Wars Player's Guide

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