The Kodgunsblut Pantheon


Kodgunr Oakenstag was born into the world a mortal. He dreamed of immortality, and immeasurable power. During his life he became the ruler of a small kingdom where yrstagg now stands. But that wasn’t enough for Kodgunr Oakenstag. He married a powerful sorceress named Jodis to increase the wealth of his domain. But she knew of a secret. It would take cunning, bravery and strength, but it could lead to more power than either of them could ever possess in life. Kodgunr would go to each of the gods in turn and tell them the secret to defeating the Jotnar. But only in exchange for a piece of immortality. First he approached the primeval one, Grimhild. From Grimhild, he stole deception to fool the other gods. Grimhild is the only one to know that Kodgunr is a deceiver, but since Grimhild has spent eternity lying, the other gods do not believe him. From Thyri he stole wisdom, to supply him with the ability to out think the others. From Aesa he stole Victory to give him the ability to fight the Jotnar. From Sigeric he stole the right to rule. Becoming not only a God, but the king of the gods. And making Jodis his queen.

Portfolio Deception, Wisdom, Victory, Royalty
Domains: War, Trickery, Knowledge


Jodis was a powerful sorceress in life until she married the king of a small nation. One night, while trying to become pregnant, she was visited by a Dokkalfr. The Dokkalfr told her that she could give her husband immortal life in exchange for her first born son. She accepts the deal but tricks the elf and sends him her placenta instead. The dokkalfr became enraged and attempted to steal the immortality from her and Kodgunr. But the gods were suspicious of an attack from the Jotnar and caught the Dokkalfr. She banished him and all of his kin from the world of men. In the underground they would remain imprisoned for eternity.

Portfolio: Trickery, Beauty, Royalty, Magic
Domains: Trickery, Light


Onam is the son of Kodgunr and Jodis, and the god of the planting season. He is the one who rewards planning and hard work. Farmers worship him as the planter, while others worship him as the strategist. He is the god solely responsible for planning for the battle at the end of the world. His strategies are directly responsible for the creation of the Einherjar, in an attempt to create a perfect army for that battle.

Portfolio Harvest, Planting, Strategy, Planning
Domains: Nature, Light, Life


Aesa is the lord of war and one of the original immortals. She relinquished her control of Victory to secure a win against the Jotnar with the aid of Kodgunr. Her marriage to Sigeric almost ended when he gave up command of the immortals. Aesa is still a master warrior and fights with unmatched skill. She is worshipped by anyone who picks up a weapon. Her Valkyrie reward those warriors who die bravely in battle with a return to the material world as Einherjar.

Portfolio War, Raids, Bloodthirst
Domains: War, Life,


Vali is the one of the Immortal sons of Aesa and Sigeric. Unfortunately, Vali was born stunted and weak. His powerful mother despised him, so he used his father’s power to gain gold which he used to procure more power and more gold. He is the god of trade, trade routes, and of course, gold. He is worshiped by those who would use the sea for trade or transport. Also a favorite amongst merchants and the deformed.

Portfolio Trade, Sea, Gold
Domains: Ocean Domain


Thyri is one of the original immortals, and she is the wife of Hega. She brings dreams to people while they sleep. Often sending nightmares to those she dislikes. Thyri is the sender of prophecy, those who wish for a sign send their prayers to her. Her Oracles live apart from city life, as the clamor of the streets can ruin sleep and prevent their visions. Thyri is also the source of arcane magic, Some of the other Immortals distrust her since her dreams and prophecies can cloud their vision.

Portfolio omens, dreams, magic
Domains: Knowledge, Arcana


Sigeric was the husband of Aesa until he gave up control of the original immortals. He is a war god and a god of weather, storms, and lightning. He is worshipped by warriors who wish to emulate his ferocity. Warriors entering “Berserkrgang” wish for his strength and rage. In addition his control over storms makes him popular with fishermen, as he can swallow their ships if provoked.

Portfolio storms, weather, war
Domains: Tempest, War, Ocean Domain


Hega is one of the original immortals. He is married to Thyri, and the father of Turid . He is the god of feasts and plenty, also reproduction. He is a favorite of revelers, farmers, fishermen. Drinking mead during a party is said to encourage his good will and increase your chance of fertility.

Portfolio feasts, reproduction, plenty
Domains: Life, Nature,


Turid is the daughter of Hega and Thyri. She is the warmth of the forge, the strength of steel and the patron of smiths and armorers everywhere.

Portfolio forge, armor, steel
Domains: Protection, Forge


Jorsten is the son of Aesa and Sigeric, He is the guardian of Hel, and keeps watch so that only those who have met their correct fate pass into Hel. He is the patron of all those who perish in battle. And he allows the Valkyries into Hel so that they may return warriors of great valor to life

Portfolio death, war, fate
Domains: Grave, Life,


Grimhild is the first immortal. She was a duplicitous idea by the primordial beings “What if we lied” that idea gave birth to Grimhild. By the time she reached womanhood she had destroyed the primordial beings because they could not understand the concept of dishonesty. She used their naivety against them and supplanted them. In time she grew bored and began looking for others, She found Sigeric in the storms she hid from, Thyri came to her in a dream. Hega arrived after she hunted a boar. Aesa when she first fought the Jotnar. Muldof arrived to claim her only child “Bani” who was never born. Winters are the result of Muldof’s actions. Grimhild cursed muldof to never feel warmth again.

Grimhild knows that Kodgunr is a thief and a liar but cannot convince the other immortals.

Portfolio trickery, savagery, time
Domains: Trickery, Time domain


Muldof is the thief of life. The one who takes the souls from the bodies of men and gods. The first soul she claimed was of the unborn son of Grimhild, named “Bani”. So grimhild cursed her with the pain of winter. to feel nothing for the rest of eternity but a cold bleakness. Muldof is worshiped by death cultists and Dokkalfr. Also anyone who lives in the more frigid areas prays to her for mercy. Those prayers usually fall on deaf ears.

Portfolio cold, winter, death
Domains: Death, Cold domain

The Kodgunsblut Pantheon

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