The Silent Verdict


500 years ago, an Aasimar named Dahciel fought a war against the forces of darkness within Felmouth His death at the conclusion of the war inspired the search for the Justice Scale. A secret knowledge that could lead to the return of light to this benighted land.

Local churches are called “High Judiciaries” and serve as both place of worship and courtroom where justice is meted out.

The current ruler is Supreme Judge Timal Juris. He has set up The third Inquisition of Felmouth to purge the darkness lurking in the heart of his religion.

Tenets of the silent verdict:
Stealth:The forces of evil use the darkness to terrorize the forces of good. Use it against them.
Terror: fear is your ally, your shield, your weapon. The forces of evil shall fear the light.
Conviction: never be dissuaded from your path, true warriors fight with the conviction of righteousness.

The arbiter of night’s grasp is the final judge. Your actions will be weighed, and if you are found guilty of sins of the conscience, you will suffer eternal torment.

The Silent Verdict

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