The Ebon Empire

Drums of five wars #8
Kervus Research

9 Hope, 1178: Afternoon

meet Iracena

Howl of the Banshee #12
The Queen of the Banshees

2 Mercy 1181

Drums of five wars #7
To Ribia

1 Hope, 1178: Morning

Taken to Palace of the Eternal King to explain actions taken with the rabble. Given baronies
the party discussed course of action and decided to head to ribia.

8 Hope, 1178: Afternoon

ambushed by deserters wearing de Argana uniforms.

Howl of the Banshee #11
The end times

1 Mercy 1181

After resting in the church for a few hours the party was awoken by a young Slayer. And a scout from The Inquisitors named Gideon Scott. He stated that the guild house was under attack. When they got there, they found that many of the slayers were already dead.

After a short fight which left the guild house on fire, the cultists retreated to a secret door under the armory. The door lead the party into a secret ruin. Where the cultists set up an attack. The ambush was defeated, and the party pressed through to a collapsed section of wall that lead into a cave with a pair of angler worms which were fought off. The group then came to a secret shrine with a few more cultists and the cult leader. The leader caused extensive damage before he was finally defeated. But it was too late. He completed the ritual and summoned the Sathaq.

The party retreated through the guild house and into the street while the Sathaq buried away. The inquisition arrived to the sound of ominous horns. Lead by Repentance Rutherford the grand inquisition entered the city and started their work. Deliverance Cahill and her Dawnbringers also entered the city. Immediately going to the site of the burning slayers guild.

Repentance and Deliverance met the party. And a few flat faced peasants denounced Rainn Sandulf as a warlock. He was then taken into custody. A short (lol) argument broke out between Ankor Gra and Repentance over her actions while the town burned. And Deliverance vowed to rescue Rain.

Drums of five wars #6
Il Deprivato

30 Dawn, 1178: Morning

The Masque were met at Veroncia de Beneditti’s manor by a noble courtier. He told then to report to the palace of the eternal king

Once there, the members of the Masque were berated by King Baldassar de Abbraxio. For the damage they caused and their failure to complete their mission. He offered them a chance at redemption. Find and shut down the imminent peasant revolt in the market.

After leaving the room, Grand Marshal de Tomin of the Order of Erandis carefully briefed the Masque. Informing them of the dangerous politics behind the uprising, and the King’s desire that they fail, and instead resort to extreme violence. Basically, half of the Militizia de Abbraxio wants a fight with the Sun Guard, and may use the uprising as an excuse. meanwhile, the sun guard and the Erandians are generally composed of nobles who hate the peasantry.

The Masque decided to have Fara give bread to the peasants who were rioting in the market square. Using her status as “Miraculia” to enshrine her with the peasants. After a shot was fired by the militia, a short fight broke out and two peasants were killed, but Felurian managed to stop the bloodshed with some magical trickery. they then gave out the bread and followed the instructions they were given to meet with the leader of the Deprived.

At the abandoned church, they met with Iliana Estanyol and Alessandra de Argana. The peasants were impressed with Fara, but they were still at war with the Nobles. Narakur chose this time to send some goons to attack Fara again. After the brawl, the minotaurs were mostly dead, and chose instead to flee. Iliana decided to at least see where the whole situation was going before pressing any further riots.

Howl of the Banshee #10
The battle of Grimchill

30 Blessing 1181

The party headed to Grimchill to head off the Crawling Rage cult. According to the Book of Garth. And the days leading up to 1 Mercy 1181 saw an increase in swarms of vermin. Eventually fighting broke out between cultists and guards. The players were dragged into the fighting when Aenwulf “The Bear” Cyne was leading a group of defenders against some massive insects and cultists.

Eventually he was taken down by swarms, giving his life to protect the innocent. The party took his body to the messenger post.

The party then headed to the church of Grimchill. Where they found a worm heart cultist performing a ritual. They interrupted his profane rite, and destroyed him. They then decided to bunker down and fortify the church to get some rest.

Drums of five wars #5
The Gala 2

29 Dawn, 1178: Evening

The party split up and headed to Isotta Donato’s gala in an attempt to find proof of collusion between her and the Ivory Cranes.

They found a group of nobles there including Salvadore de Abbraxio, Ico Viari, Imbroglione Zorzi, Betto de Albe, Alodia Entenza.

Surgat acted as lookout while Felurian investigated isotta’s office. While a drunk noble accidentally spoiled his friend’s actions. Stating that he was playing with an artifact in her curio room. When Caille and Lucca investigated they found that her giant statue of a Sene animated and attacked the noble.

Meanwhile, Felurian hears the screaming and decides to continue searching when she is accosted by ink devils. The little devils attempt to intimidate her out of the room, and instead she attacks them. Surgat came to her aid but was attacked by an invisible stalker.

The simultaneous fights were going very badly for the Masque and they were forced into a fighting retreat on both fronts. Isotta ran upstairs to assist in the curio room. When Surgat saw a nameless ivory crane trying to decide how to assist, he gave him a barrel of gunpowder and sent him upstairs. The ensuing blast buried Isotta and the demons. And destroyed most of the manor.

In the street, Ico, and betto helped them fight the animated statue. Eventually destroying it once and for all.

Betto denounced the Masque as spies and fired Surgat before leaving.

Drums of five wars #4
The Gala

20 Dawn, 1178:

Felurian Eld needed some flyers drawn up for a fake town meeting. She helped the elf solve her possessed printer problem and purchased some scrolls.

Meanwhile Surgat Pythius and Builder returned to Abbraxio to maintain their cover. Speaking with builder gave surgat some insights into the current state of the ivory cranes. With a fracture in its identity.

27 Dawn, 1178:

A week later, the group met with Fara and promised to assist her. They witnessed an attack by minotaur rebels. One defected, citing Meyeros and non violence being a better answer. They killed the rebels, with one promising reprisals from the horns of honour.

Surgat and Caille decided to sneak into the silver marsh to steal some information about the connection between the cranes and Isotta. Surgat distracted the mercenaries in the bar with a rousing rendition of their anthem. And caille broke in and stole a filling cabinet.

Upon inspection of the documents in the cabinet, they found some mission reports of reprisal missions into the heart of deshti territory lead by Isotta.

The party withdrew to the manor de beneditti. To discuss fact that Isotta Donato was hosting a party and as an Ivory Crane, surgat was hired to protect it.

Veroncia would have Caille to protect her as an armsman, and Felurian as a lady in waiting. Lucca was hired as entertainment for the party.

Howl of the Banshee #9
The Asylum part 2

23 Blessing 1181, Night

Dr Virginia Smille was more than angry at being disturbed by the party. Her office was a dark abyss of fear, that cast a shadow over the will of all who entered.

After a horrific fight, smille was killed and her experiments ended. She left notes and a left brain replica on her desk. The party collected the replica and used it to partially unlock the door to the trepanation room.

The party explored the first floor west wing. Eventually coming to the office of Dr Bazel Pymer. Pymer was no match for the group, who were, by this point, fully sick and tired of the experiments being performed in the asylum. Pymer had the right side brain model on his desk. Which unlocked the trepaning room.

Inside that room, a gruesome surgery was being performed on the cultist they sought. Holes were being drilled into his head to turn him into some sort of mindless puppet. The doctor, Surgeon Enos Doran was furious about the interruption. He then decided to murder the party. And after a vicious brawl, was killed. The party found a notebook from the cultist in a pile of possessions. The book, scribbled with notes from the mind of a madman, held one piece of information pertinent to their operation. “I must escape the clutches of these madmen. I need to be in Grimchill on 1 mercy to aid in the coming of my Lord.”

The group had only one week to prepare for the showdown of a lifetime with the cult of The Crawling Rage.

Drums of Five Wars #3
The Pilgrimage

16 Dawn, 1178

The Masque went to the Silver Marsh so that Surgat Pythius could join the Ivory Cranes.

Stoldo told Surgat to speak with a crane named Builder, who is the admissions coordinator for the guild. Builder decided a test would be appropriate. So he assigned surgat a job. The pair were to guard a pilgrimage lead by Gasparo de Fialis to the Shrine of Sene Tomez near Inigara.

The Masque met with priest Gasparo while he was serving food to the hungry. They asked to join his pilgrimage. And he wearily accepted their request.

17 Dawn, 1178: morning

They met with builder and the pilgrims and commenced the two day journey.

17 Dawn, 1178: evening

That night they set up camp. Builder left surgat to watch the camp while the pilgrims conversed. After a few hours the parties split up and went to bed. Sometime around midnight surgat heard some interesting noises and found Calisto Barell dead.

After interrogating everyone, the Masque discovered that Milia Centelez was the murderous spy who attempted to ruin the reputation of Gasparo. She was killed by Surgat to protect her daughter from kidnappers.

18 Dawn, 1178:

In the morning, the party set off again for the shrine. With father Gasparo feeling more dejected over the death of the young soldier. It took them until the late afternoon to arrive at the shrine. Once there Gasparo said a prayer to the statue of sene Tomez. Which animated, collected the body and sent it off to join his soul in the afterlife. The pilgrims, having witnessed a miracle headed to inigara to break the fast and have a nice meal. Gasparo announced his retirement, but the young thief Fara announced her plans to join the priesthood. Builder accepted surgat into the cranes without much fanfare.


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