The Ebon Empire

The Frostmarch #4

The Norns

23rd Glory, 1178

The party took a longship to Norn island off skalafel to speak to the norns about the violence of the jotnar.

Bearing the end of the trip, a thick fog rolled in and the group became lost, beaching off course they quickly regained their bearing and headed across the tundra. Fighting draugr and scaling down a crevasse to head for their cave. They were forced to slay a pair of hill giants.

After killing the giants the group maneuvered through the ice maze of Yth with relative ease. But then they came upon Content Not Found: null. A monstrous, raving mad hill giant that attempted to eat every living thing it saw. It nearly slew Skimi Rúnvalka, and Ærzus Asgeirrsson, but through the use of Aerzus’ frost magic the monster was forced off. After a titanic clash, the mouth lay dead, and the party proceeded within the cave of the Norns.

The Norns spoke to the party and ascertained what they wished to know just before the world went black.


Ranseur Ranseur

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