Iliana Estanyol

Leader of the Rabble



Iliana was born a serf in the countryside surrounding Abbraxio. one day her father failed her local lord. And so she was blinded. Not long afterward she headed to the city. there she managed to find work assisting the city’s poor in their local commune. Since she arrived there she has managed to gather quite a following. Vocally calling out the local lords for their crimes. She has become prominent amongst the commoners as a voice for change.


A lovely elf with scars around her eyes from the coals. Otherwise pale skin and white hair. She dresses like a noble.


Violently opposed to the priveledges of the nobility, she is a fierce advocate for full rights for all people of Decia. She tends to be blunt but fanatically devoted to her followers.


The complete overthrow of the current regime, and the implementation of a constitutional monarchy with full rights to all denizens of the country.

Contacts, Friends, and Relationships

She is a member, and the of Il Deprivato

Iliana Estanyol

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