Intelligent and cruel

The Devan are an ancient race, masters of the world during their age. Millenia ago however, the Devan were wiped from their world during a war with the ancient foes. The Titans. WIth the titans locked away, and the devan vanquished, the lesser races that were created by the devan began to flourish, and repopulate the world. One century ago, some of the devan returned. no one knows how, why or from where, but the devan are building communities, some say they wish to return their world to the one that existed before the fall of the Devan.

The devan are a tall, blue skinned people. with white eyes, and long black hair. they wear ancient styles. they appreciate art, science, and physical perfection. They have no real concept of humility and feel regret and charity are weaknesses. as such, casual cruelty are often exhibited. They believe that strength and perfection are vital to their survival, and strive for those things above all else.

Devan Traits

Ability Score Increase Your intelligence and charisma score increase by 1

Age Devan reach maturity after 60 years and live to about 700 years of age

Alignment The Devan are lawful, most being lawful neutral, but some are lawful evil.

Size Devan stand about 6’4 -7’2 and weigh around 220 lbs. You are a medium creature

Speed You have a land speed of 30 feet.

Languages You have proficiency in Devan, common and two other languages of your choice.

Lost Knowledge You have Advantage on knowledge checks.

Magic of the Ancients When casting a spell, you may choose to forgo the somatic and verbal components of the spell. you can use this ability again after a short or long rest.

Power Overwhelming When casting a spell you may choose to have a single enemy target of the spell fail its saving throw against that spell. you may use this ability again after a long rest.


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