Servants of darkness

The dhampyr are the descendants of humans who mated with vampires prior to that races extinction. Secretive and deadly, dhampyr live within communities of humans but rarely do these communities know it. Since dhampyr have such dubious parentage, people who hear of the dhampyr’s existence, tend to react with fear and violence. Mere rumours have been known to set off witch hunts. Hundreds of non dhampyr have been killed because of these rumours.

The dhampyr themselves have been known to react to these killings with anger and revulsion. Some even give in to the cravings for blood and begin a real reign of terror, only stopping when killed or chased out.

Dhampyr Traits

Ability Scores Your charisma score increases by 2 and your dexterity by 1

Age Dhampyr are immortal, you attain maturity by the age of 20

Alignment Dhampyr can be of any alignment, but tend towards evil

Size Dhampyr are the same size as humans you are a medium creature

Speed You have a land speed of 30 feet

Languages You speak common and any one additional language of your choice.

Bite You have a bite attack you can use against willing, incapacitated, or grappled enemies. The attack modifier is equal to your strength modifier plus your proficiency bonus. The bite deals 1d4 plus strength modifier. You gain one temporary hit die when you use this ability. You can only have one such stored hit die, which you can spend to heal yourself as if you spent a hit die.

Charm You can cast the “friends” cantrip. DC to resist is equal to 8+charisma modifier+ proficiency bonus.

Shape changer You can turn into a bat, rat, or cloud of mist for one minute. You can use this ability again after a long rest.


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