Honorable Warriors

Mission driven and bound by a code of strictures, the Evar are the guardians of various organizations, secrets and even private individuals. Impeding an Evar is a virtually impossible, and quite possibly a deadly task. The number one stricture of the Evar code of ethics is never break an oath. Evar are great combatants, priding themselves on their skill at arms in melee combat, and they are also equally skilled at recognizing dangerous situations which allows them to protect their charges more effectively

Evar are slightly taller than humans but share a similiar build. Evar have full-colored eyes. basically their iris covers the entirety of their eye. Eye colors span the spectrum and include white and black. An evar’s eyes match his skin and hair. An Evar with white skin and white eyes with black hair is referred to as Savyran

When it comes to their relationships with others, the Evar have a slightly ethnocentric view of the world and tend to view themselves as superior to the other races, at least when it comes to war and combat. They’ll respect any individual who proves himself in combat, and will respect any adversary. As one human general remarked “Earning the respect of an Evar enemy is high praise, at least until they kill you."

Evar Names

  • Male: Dolvyr, Tecyrulian, Akyrgo, Devvyre. Evar males also get their Father’s surname. preceded by “ero”
  • Female: Raikea, Jaiksea, Halea, Mirreas. Evar females also get their Mother’s surname preceded by “era”

Evar Traits

Ability Score Increase Evar are strong warriors and they gain a +2 bonus to their strength score and +1 to either wisdom or charisma

Age Evar reach maturity by the age of 25 and live to the age of 150

Alignment The Evar respect tradition and their vows, as such they tend towards lawful, except for the Kal’Yvan who prefer lawful evil


Speed Your base land speed is 30’

Always on Guard whenever you make an initiative, perception, or insight check, you may reroll any natural 1

Gem Colored Eyes once/day you have advantage on a single skill roll. The color of your eyes/ skin determines the skill.
Red: intimidation
Green: stealth
Blue: persuasion
Black: deception
White: insight

Unbroken You have advantage on saves against fear effects and charm effects

Marked Soul You can sense the general direction and threat status of your defensive charge. As an action you can designate a person, place or item as your defensive charge. You can use this ability again after a long rest

Languages: Common, Evarine


Mark of the Kal You have advantage on any attack rolls against enemies that have done damage to adjacent allies since the end of your last turn.

Sav’ vyran


Mark of the Isa You have advantage on stealth rolls in areas of dim light. *note you still cant hide without cover


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