Aggressive and uncivilized

Orks are savage warriors with an uncivilized bent. They thrive in primitive lands, taking with force what they can from “weaker” peoples. Orks are longtime enemies of the elves, preferring to kill them when they can. Orks delight in slaughter and mayhem, and as such most orks are evil.

Orks stand about 7 feet tall with dark skin and short tusks.

Relationships with other races are generally strained, if not downright violent. Rarely, orks mate with humans and produce Halforcs.

Ork names
Male: Yegigoth, Urbul, Yatur, Krothu, Xegug, Cagan, Wuglat, Turge, Komarod, Zog
Female: Ushat, Umog, Morn, Bula, Urzoth, Badbog, Murob, Mogak, Murzush, Rogbut

Ork traits

Ability score Your strength score increases by 2.

Age Orks live to 70 years of age and reach maturity by age 13

Alignment Orks tend towards evil

Size You are a medium creature

Speed You have a land speed of 30 feet

Language You speak Ork and common

Aggressive As a bonus action you can take a move action to move up to your speed closer to an enemy you can see. you can use this ability again after a short or long rest.

Dark vision 60 feet

Sub races

Black ork

Ability score Your constitution score increases by 1

Right in da jibblies If an enemy attempts to move or cast a spell while adjacent to you, you can choose to make a kick as an interrupt. You make an attack roll str + proficiency. If you hit, that enemy has disadvantage on attack rolls, concentration checks, and saving throws.

Tuffness You have an additional hit die. You regain this additional hit die when you take a long rest.

Green skin

Ability score Your dexterity score increases by 1

Savagery Whenever you score a critical hit, you may roll one of your weapon’s damage dice and add the total to the critical damage.

Menacing You have advantage on rolls against intimidate checks.


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