History Sakkada is the oldest clan in Sul’Dusa. Started by the great druid Elspa when his tribe settled the area around the Tear. The clan has a majority of elves, but also consists of humans, Ork, Minotaur, Merfolk, and Dragonborn. The clan has held political power for most of Sul’Dusan history. Recently the tribe has experienced an increase in wealth and power after it lead the invasion and occupation of Decia

Goals, Ambitions, and Beliefs: The Sakkada clan has strong ties to nature, and many of its leaders are druids. Most sakkadan participate in the worship of totem animals as quasi gods.

Leader: Yesu Qadun

Religion: Star of the Totem is the primary religion since Yesu converted. Some still practice The Old Ways. Even though practitioners are persecuted.

Symbol: A claw splitting a tree

Notable tribes:

Notable people:

Notable Locations: Skyrg Arborlands


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