The Old Ways

The Old Ways are the predominant religion of Sul’Dusa. They are a set of animist beliefs. In which all animals, objects, and even ideals have a spirit. This spirit may or may not have a physical body to interact with the material world. But all come from the Veil.

The religious leaders of the old ways are known as Witches. Sometimes benevolent, sometimes malevolent, but always mysterious, witches contact the spirit world for power. Incoming the power of spirits to accomplish great feats, heal, curse, or destroy.

According to the old ways there are five spirit kingdoms or “winds” and three classes of spirits.

The five winds are the Wind of Ferocity, Wind of Death, Wind of Conviction, Wind of Justice, Wind of Might.

The three classes are Great Spirits, Lesser Spirits, and Retriever Spirits.

The Old Ways

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